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What is the actual size of the Linxup GPS tracking device?

Both the plugin and wired devices are 2.0" x 1.8" x 1"

Do I pay a monthly fee per device?

Yes. Monthly fees are charged for each device in your account.

Is there an early termination fee?

If you select a contract with your Linxup devices, and choose to terminate your service before the agreement is up, you will be charged an early termination fee for each device as follows:
  • No Contract
    No early termination fee.
  • 1-Year Contract
    $250 fee if canceled between months 1-12.
    No early termination fee after 12 months.
  • 2-Year Contract
    $350 fee if canceled between months 1-24.
    No early termination fee after 24 months.
Term Commitment
Early Termination Fee ($US) per Device
Month 1-12
Month 13-24
Month 25-36

How long has Linxup been in business?

Linxup has been providing quality, easy-to-use fleet solutions since 2004. We are one of the oldest providers in the business.

Where does Linxup provide technical and customer support?

Our technical and support teams are based in the United States at our corporate headquarters in St. Louis, MO. We’re especially proud of the work they do and believe they provide the best support in the business. We also hope they occasionally read our FAQs, so they know how great we think they are.

How often does the Linxup device track?

The Linxup device tracks every minute when the vehicle is on and every hour when the vehicle is off.

In what countries does the Linxup GPS tracking device work?

Linxup GPS trackers work in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and some parts of the Caribbean.

Is there a secondary antenna associated with the Linxup GPS tracking device?

The Linxup antenna is located inside the device. It requires no additional parts or installation beyond plugging the device into the OBDII port under your dashboard for the plug-in device, or connecting 3 seperate wires for the heavy-duty wired device.

How is the GPS tracking device powered?

Power for the device is supplied from your vehicle through the OBDII port, or wires, depending on if you have the plug-in or wired device.

Do I receive an alert if the device is unplugged or unwired.

When a device is unplugged or unwired, it is receiving no power so it is impossible for the unit to send an alert. However, you will stop seeing any tracking data for a device that has been unplugged or unwired. You can, however, receive an alert when a device is reconnected. This provides a good system for monitoring disconnected devices.

Do I need a data plan?

No. The device has a built in cellular SIM card and the service is included in the price of monthly Linxup fee.

How accurate is the GPS vehicle tracking?.

Linxup GPS vehicle tracking is accurate to within 5 meters or 16 feet of the tracked vehicle.

Will my drivers know that they are being tracked?

The answer is somewhat up to you. The Linxup device is pretty discreet and sits under the dashboard, but it does have a small LED light. If you don’t tell your drivers where the device is, they may still notice this light. Also, once you start to discuss tracking with your drivers, they are going to realize that something within the vehicle is providing the information. We typically advise companies to inform their drivers that if a device stops tracking, you will be aware due to the lack of tracking information.

What advantage does Linxup have over GPS tracking a cell phone?

Linxup is GPS tracking a vehicle, while cell phone GPS tracks the phone. Where the cell phone goes, so goes the GPS tracking information, which doesn't necessarily have any bearing over the location of your vehicle. When Linxup is connected to your vehicle, it receives a reliable source of power. Cell phones with GPS have a tremendous drain on the cell phone battery. If the battery is dead, or the cell phone user simply turns off the phone or disables the GPS function, you will not receive any GPS data.

How do you determine harsh acceleration / braking?

The algorithm used to determine an acceleration / deceleration alert is based on the change in velocity. An increase in velocity of greater than 8.5 mph/sec will trigger an acceleration alert. Likewise, a reduction in velocity greater than 6.5 mph/sec will trigger a braking alert.

What type of vehicle does the Linxup plug-in device work in?  (Plugin Devices)

The Linxup OBD plug-in tracking device is easy to install on all automobiles and light and medium duty trucks manufactured after 1996. The OBD plug-in device does not support electric vehicles. The unit installs in the required OBDII port usually located under the dashboard within two feet of the steering wheel. If you are not sure about your vehicle, give us a call and we can quickly answer your question.

The Linxup wired device can be installed on nearly any vehicle on the road.

How do I install the Linxup plug-in GPS tracking device? (Plugin Devices)

Installing the Linxup plug-in device is as easy as plugging in a lamp. Watch this brief video for instructions on installing the plug-in device.

How difficult is the wired device to install? (Wired Devices)

The Linxup wired device installation is not complicated. It involves splicing one wire to the constant power supply, attaching one wire to the vehicle's chassis to ground the unit, and splicing one wire into the ignition wire.Watch this brief video for instructions on installing the wired device.

Does the Linxup wired device plug into the JBUS port?

No, the device wires to the ignition, power, and ground and the JBUS port is open and available for other use.

Is the Linxup wired device an asset tracker?

No, the device is wired in the cab of the truck and is not able to wire to a trailer. Our asset trackers are separate devices specifically for equipment, trailers, and other uses.

For how long is my data stored?

All data is retained for 1 year.  Some summary data — like dashboards and reports — is retained for 3 years.
Data up to 5 years old can be retrieved from cold storage for a fee. You can contact customer support to place a request and receive an estimated cost.

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