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GPS Car Tracker for Safety & Security

GPS tracking for cars has never been easier or more affordable, yet the peace of mind it provides is priceless. Whether you're a parent monitoring a new teen driver or a family member making sure an older relative arrives safely at their destination, Linxup empowers you to keep tabs on your loved ones with pinpoint accuracy.

Beyond safety and security, you get a great way to guard against car theft. Protect your family and your vehicle with GPS tracking that you can monitor from your smart phone.

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Multiple Uses, One Simple GPS Tracking Solution

Whether the driver is old or young, a relative or an employee, you can monitor their driving habits and protect your car from theft with an affordable, easy-to-use GPS car tracking device from Linxup. Rely on our car trackers to protect your car, yourself, and the people closest to you.

Elderly family members: Make sure aging parents or elderly relatives stay safe on the road with turn-by-turn information, route replays, and pinpoint accuracy of their location.

Teen drivers: Study your teen's driving behavior and point out unsafe habits, like speeding and harsh braking, to help them develop better driving skills. Learn more about our specialized teen driver tracking and coaching solution.

Spouse checkups: Access the real-time location of your spouse or significant other with precision accuracy and time-stamped records of routes taken, locations visited, and time spent there.

Employees: If your business has a company car and utilizes couriers or delivery personnel, Linxup GPS trackers will help you monitor driving habits and generate safety report cards. You'll also get fuel statistics, unauthorized use alerts, maintenance reminders, and more.

Need multiple GPS trackers for a fleet of vehicles?


Car Tracking Features

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Tracking cars with Linxup GPS is the easy, affordable way to monitor the safety of your relatives and loved ones. Our easy-to-use desktop and mobile app keeps you current on their precise location and their driving behavior.

  • Watch turn-by-turn live updates and get notifications on arrivals, when the car starts moving again, miles driven, and more.
  • Receive safety report cards to review areas of improvement with inexperienced drivers.
  • Get maintenance reminders sent right to your mobile device.
  • Access your vehicle's real-time location if it goes missing.

Ready to protect your loved ones with the safety and security of GPS car tracking? Find the Linxup model that's right for your car, and see how quick and affordable it is to have GPS tracking at your fingertips.

GPS Car Tracking FAQs

Here are the answers to your questions about how the GPS tracker magic happens.

It is your choice whether to inform a driver or not. While the Linxup device is discreet under the dashboard, it does have a small LED light. If you don’t tell your drivers about the device, they may still notice this light. If they ask about it, we advise telling them that you will know if they tamper with or remove the device from the lack of tracking information.
Power for the device is supplied from your car through the OBD-II port or wires, depending on which device you have.
Linxup GPS car tracking is accurate to within 5 meters, or 16 feet, of the tracked vehicle.
The Linxup device tracks every minute when the vehicle is on and every hour when the vehicle is off.
The Linxup Plug-In GPS Tracker is easy to install on all automobiles and light- and medium-duty trucks manufactured after 1996. The OBD plug-in device does not support electric vehicles. The unit installs in the OBD-II port, usually located under the dashboard within two feet of the steering wheel. If you are not sure about your vehicle, give us a call, and we can quickly answer your question.

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46,000+ Customers. Rave Reviews.

Peace of mind and great customer service always win rave reviews…

"I love this device. It was reasonably priced and easy to install. I get to see where my son is going and how fast."
"Great GPS tracker! I got this to have peace of mind for my daughter who just got her license. Very easy set up, and well worth the monthly fee! I would highly recommend this to parents who need to keep track of new drivers, etc. The iPhone app works great also."
Trevor S.
"Works as it says. I downloaded the app on my phone, and it was easy to view miles by day, stops, the route traveled on a map, and real-time tracking on a map. I installed this on a Saturday, due to suspicion with the spouse. Put a few days together of it and dropped it like an episode of Cheaters. I would not have gotten to the truth on stuff so quickly without it."
"I bought this to track my 17-year-old son, who is a fairly new driver, after thinking he wasn't being straight up with me about where he was going. I can't confront him without blowing my cover, but it has definitely given me peace of mind. I won't leave it in his car forever, but for now it helps me maintain my sanity. The tracking is very accurate and the app is user-friendly."
"This tracker works better than I ever hoped. It's amazing. I know where my kids' cars are now, and also have a permanent record of where they have traveled, where they stopped, how fast they drove, and if they braked harshly. Everything is time-stamped. It never loses signal. I can review their journeys using map or Google Earth view. It even tells addresses of where they stopped."
"Had some personal concerns with the 'other half.' Didn't want to go this route, but she left me with no choice, so I purchased and after installing and setting up my account online... within 24 hrs I had my answer. Folks, this will do one of two things: 1) give you peace of mind, or 2 ) Prove the ugly truth. I highly recommend this product. Unfortunately, my discovery was #2."
"I use this device to keep track of my aging father. His driving skills are still good, but he gets lost sometimes and can't figure out how to find his way home on a map. I use this device to make sure my dad is not traveling away from his usual routes, and to help him get back on track if he gets lost. It's easy to set up 'fences' and alerts on the user-friendly Linxup web page."
Amazon Customer
"I bought this to be able to track or locate my daughter's car. She has short-term memory loss and this has taken a lot of stress off her. She knows she can call me, and I can locate the exact position. I then find it on Google Maps and send her a pin! I am very happy with this device."
Amazon Customer
"A very helpful and user-friendly device. It provides several useful alerts (harsh braking, speeding, and time stopped at location) just to name a few. I use it to monitor my teenager. This has been a great investment for us. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Very reasonable monitor rates and original device cost is very reasonable."
"I put this item to the test, and it passed. My son had a car shipped from Oceanside, CA to Atlanta, GA, and I wanted a way to track the vehicle's movements. The app showed the car moving cross country, and the app tracked the movements flawlessly. If I had not purchased this device, this would have been a worrisome waiting game. It's peace of mind."
Amazon Customer
"The unit is very easy to install and sign-up was very easy, as well. I would recommend this to anyone needing to keep track of vehicles and how they are being operated."
"It has been a lifesaver. Everything I needed it to do, it has done for me and then some. It will tell you within a few feet the location and address where my vehicle is at all times. I could not ask for a better product. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to track their vehicle."
Earnest H.

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