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5 Myths about GPS Fleet Tracking Debunked (The Small Business Expert Blog)

By Jessica Stoddard Back to Home on Sept 29, 2016

GPS tracking may seem complicated and difficult to adopt, but thanks to advances in mobile coverage and GPS technology, it's never been easier for fleet managers in any industry to begin tracking their fleets.

Not sure if GPS tracking is right for your fleet? Linxup's Director of Product Marketing, Jessica Stoddard-Zyk, is debunking five of the most common myths about GPS tracking on The Small Business Expert Blog by Susan Solovic:

"Today's GPS devices do more than simply track where your vehicles are located – they also collect valuable vehicle usage and driving data such as speed and idling time, allowing you to easily identify opportunities to improve driver safety, reduce your expenses, prevent theft and increase your business's revenue. And with an ever-expanding set of tools and features, fleets in any industry can benefit from using telematics to track their vehicles."

In her newest article on The Small Business Expert Blog, Stoddard-Zyk is sharing her expertise on five of the most common misconceptions related to GPS fleet tracking, including:

1. My fleet's vehicle mileage is too low for GPS tracking.
2. GPS tracking is only useful for certain types of vehicles.
3. My fleet is too small for GPS tracking.
4. My vehicles drive the same route every day, so GPS tracking can't help me.
5. GPS tracking is too complicated for my fleet.

Read the full article on The Small Business Expert Blog and discover how you can harness the power of telematics to improve your fleet's operations:

5 Myths about GPS Fleet Tracking Debunked