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5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Improve Fleet Management

By Jessica Stoddard Back to Home on Jan 4, 2016

Having trouble managing your fleet when you're on the go? There's an app for that. With important information like speed, schedules, and safety scores conveniently available on demand in the palm of your hand, a mobile GPS tracking app gives you the power to better manage your time, individual drivers, and your entire fleet. What else can a mobile GPS tracking app help you do? Let's find out.

1. Planning and Scheduling Your Day with a GPS Tracker

When you manage multiple vehicles, detailed planning and organization is fundamental to ensuring that your daily operations run smoothly and efficiently. But any fleet manager knows that preparing and creating daily schedules for yourself and your fleet is anything but easy. A mobile GPS tracking app like Linxup's makes planning and scheduling routes for each vehicle in your fleet simple.

If you have a different schedule from some or all of your drivers, the ability to access fleetwide information from your smartphone whenever it is convenient for you is in an invaluable organizational tool. Whether you like to plan your drivers' schedules first thing in the morning, at the end of your day, or even on the go, a mobile GPS tracking app has you covered. You can:

  • Check if, when, and where your drivers are working
  • See if your fleet starts on time and remains on schedule
  • Monitor traffic and plan routes around live traffic updates

Use this information to create efficient schedules and plan the most convenient routes for each driver in your fleet. Not only will mobile GPS tracking make your life easier, but it'll also reduce your operational costs and help you make more money.

2. Managing Your Fleet While You're in the Field

If you need to leave the office to make a sales or service call, you can't afford to lose track of your fleet. A mobile tracking app gives you the ability to check on your fleet right from your smartphone, even if you aren't in the office. Mobile GPS tracking gives fleet managers the flexibility they need to monitor their fleets and even make changes to daily schedules or dispatch drivers on the go. It's like having your computer in the palm of your hand; see how fast your technicians drive, where they stop and for how long, and more. No office required.

3. Ensuring Service Quality

How can you know how well your drivers perform when they're in the field all day? Fleet managers need a way to monitor service quality, and a mobile app like Linxup's gives you the ability to do so no matter where you – or your drivers – are. Quality assurance spot checks are an effective way to maintain high service standards.

"If I am out making follow up calls on customers, I can look at my phone and see where everyone is. If I am within 6-7 miles, I will stop by to check on the job and see how things are going."

Not only will your GPS tracking app keep your employees on schedule and accountable for their work, but it will show your customers that you care enough to check up on the quality their service.

You can even review daily routes on your mobile app to identify problematic driving behaviors and determine where your drivers can improve their performance. Get there faster and provide better service when you arrive, all thanks to your mobile GPS tracking app.

4. Earning New Business

In addition to improving service quality, mobile GPS tracking can help you bring in new clients. Present a professional image to prospective customers by demonstrating how efficiently you manage your mobile workers and how you maintain high standards of quality. The extra layer of accountability provided by your mobile GPS tracking app proves that you can – and will – deliver on your promises.

5. Responding to Emergencies

In an emergency, everyone's emotions run high. If a customer or one of your drivers has an emergency like a burst pipe or a flat tire, you can respond immediately and effectively using your mobile tracking app. Quickly locate and dispatch the nearest technician and help your customers faster, reroute a different vehicle if your driver is stuck in traffic or has a breakdown, and provide up-to-date arrival times based on live traffic updates. With a mobile GPS tracking app, you can handle unexpected situations with ease.

Get the Linxup App

Mobile GPS tracking is the perfect complement to your desktop GPS tracking software. If you can't sit behind your desk all day (and let's face it, who can?), you can still keep tabs on your drivers from your smartphone.

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