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6 Ways GPS Tracking Can Help Reduce Costs and Increase Revenue (Small Biz Viewpoints)

By Jessica Stoddard Back to Home on Dec 5, 2016
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Many new business management tools and apps claim to provide significant ROI but are unable to deliver on their promise. When you make the decision to invest in new technology for your business, you need to be sure that you're investing in a tool that will actually help reduce operating costs and increase revenue.

GPS tracking devices can help fleet managers significantly reduce fuel usage and maintenance costs and contribute considerably to loss prevention strategies, leading to an average ROI of 17:1.

"The data collected by GPS devices grants business owners and fleet managers insights into driver behavior that enable them to evaluate aspects of their fleet's operations, in turn allowing them to make changes that will lead to stronger performance and more efficient operations."

GPS tracking helps reduce operating costs and increase revenue in six ways:

1. Reducing fuel usage
2. Automating scheduled maintenance
3. Increasing productivity
4. Ensuring accurate billing
5. Verifying actual work hours
6. Enabling you to deliver better, faster service

We take a closer look at each of these benefits on Small Biz Viewpoints. Read the full article and discover how you can use GPS car trackers to improve your fleet's operations:

6 Ways GPS Tracking can Help Reduce Costs and Increase Revenue