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8 Ways GPS Tracking Can Benefit Locksmiths

By Ralph Goodman Back to Home on Aug 29, 2016

Running a mobile locksmith business takes a lot of work. Besides the requirements of industry-specific knowledge and a knack for unique problem solving, operating a mobile fleet demands a high level of business planning. One of the easiest ways to get around the hassle of learning through trial and error is to use professional tools such as GPS tracking equipment. Don't leave your success up to fate — help yourself, your employees, and your business succeed.

1. Track response time

Accurate response times are very important to mobile locksmiths. Knowing how fast you can get somewhere is instrumental to figuring out your service range, and setting expectations for a daily workload. You can also guarantee that your projected arrival times are based on a monitored service record.

For even finer tuning, you can project the arrival times of specific technicians. This may also be used to show certain workers the faster paths to take. The quickest arrival time will be better understood and easier to replicate and implement across the company.

2. Dispatch the closest service technician

Instead of making several calls, you can check your GPS tracking software to find the closest technician to dispatch to a new job or emergency call. It is also helpful for dipping out of your service area so that you can pick up more jobs. If something is out of your service range, but your service tech is already on the outskirts, then you will know that you can take the job.


Cutting down on back and forth also streamlines communication. With better communication, more time can be spent making money, and less can be spent waiting around. Knowing where your workers are gives you better insight. On a slow day, it may also make sense to expand your serviceable locations, and the data collected from these outings will give you insight into possible expansion opportunities.

3. Protect equipment

In the security field, we are constantly trying to find better ways to protect high-value items. Service vehicles can have thousands of dollars of equipment in them. Most of that equipment is very enticing to criminals. In fact, mobile locksmiths have been targeted by groups of thieves with fake calls that end in robbery or burglary. Knowing where your vehicles are offers some peace of mind. You can retrace the path of the vehicle in order to locate the exact scene of the crime without having to rely on memory or call records.

4. Accurate service times

Have you ever wondered who your fastest technician is? Or what their service times actually are? With tracking software, you will know the average length of stop times and be able to more accurately assess which employees should be sent on which jobs.

Time worked schedule

This will also help with assessing the type of training that specific locksmiths need. One technician may struggle with the speed of lock changes or rekeying, but may be very quick with lockouts. Instead of periodic assessments and overall improvement training, you can focus efforts on the skills that need the most work. You will also be able to give your potential customers an accurate and provable track record of fast service times, instead of the general platitude “fast service”.

5. Alerts for suspicious usage

When a vehicle has not been cleared to exit the service area, you can be alerted immediately. Geofencing options allow you to set up the parameters for where your vehicles should, and should not, be going. When a car is out of bounds, something is off. You can contact the driver, and act quickly to alert the authorities in cases of automotive theft. GPS tracking also gives you details about when the cars are being driven. This will be even more useful for establishing a timeline for theft, and hopefully assist in prevention and recovery. And if your tracker ever stops working, this will also show you that something is going wrong. This acts as an alarm. You can see that there is an issue, and then it is up to you to react and investigate the issue.

6. Know how much driving is being done

For budgeting, taxes, and mileage-based insurance, you will know the exact distance that is being driven each day by every vehicle. The gas for all of those miles can be deducted.

Route replay

And the initial cost of the gas can be budgeted for, so that there are no surprises. You can also use this to discourage over-driving and circling behaviors. Knowing how active your workers are will also assist in determining your business schedule.

7. Employees driving safely

The average speed of your vehicles will show you who is being reckless. Any type of reckless driving can result in accidents or fines. In the best case it can cost you some money, and in the worst, a car, equipment, and worst of all, an employee, can be lost. You want to do everything in your power to prevent those tragedies. With GPS tracking, you can know what the issue is before you get the bad news. Having all of the information allows you to save money, and offer life-saving solutions.

8. Protect your fleet

If you have employees that work for your mobile locksmith company, then it is your responsibility to offer them the same protection that your company offers its customers. You should also protect your company with the same vigor as your protect your clients. By monitoring all of your assets in the field, you can respond to threats and actively work to keep your business safe and sound


Ralph Goodman is a professional writer and the resident expert on locks and security at the Lock Blog. The Lock Blog is a great resource to learn about keys, locks and safety. They offer tips, advice and how-to's for consumers, locksmiths, and security professionals.