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Alerts Enhancements Are Coming to Your Linxup Smartphone App

By Jessica Stoddard Back to Home on June 6, 2016

When you spend as much time in the field as your employees, maintaining driver safety and improving service quality can feel like an impossible task. The Linxup mobile app gives fleet managers the flexibility they need to keep their drivers safe and productive while they're in the field, and it's about to get even more powerful.

The customized Alert data that is accessible on our web-based interface is now available on the Linxup smartphone app. With these updates, you can gain even more freedom from your office or desktop computer and effectively supervise your drivers no matter where you're located.

Enhanced alerts on your mobile app

We've expanded our mobile app to include several new alerts features, including:

Apple phone alerts
  • More robust reporting

  • The ability to view and dig deeper into specific alerts on individual drivers and groups of drivers, including visual indicators that show where the alert took place using the familiar Google Maps interface

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly alert summaries for individual drivers and your entire fleet

  • Customizable date ranges and the option to switch between vehicles and drivers

  • Alerts categorized by type, such as speeding, idling, or geofence alerts

  • Clearly identifiable alert designs so you can see at a glance whether your drivers are speeding, braking harshly, or committing other unsafe and problematic behaviors

  • Enhanced, intuitive user experience

Put our new alerts enhancements to work

Whether they're following up on a sales lead or checking in on a service call, fleet managers often spend as much time working in the field as their drivers. Our alerts enhancements give busy fleet managers the power to manage their fleet alerts without spending hours at their desk analyzing data.

Take a look at this example:

You supervise a fleet of landscaping vehicles. While you're out in the field following up on a sales lead, you receive an alert on your smartphone indicating that one of your drivers is idling excessively. Using our enhanced alert features, you identify the vehicle's location and review other alert details that suggest your driver may be taking an unscheduled break, even though they're due to arrive at their next service call. You contact your driver immediately and successfully avert their late arrival at their next call.

Here's another example:

A concerned citizen alleges that your landscaping vehicles are driving too quickly on residential streets. To investigate their claim, you open your smartphone app and categorize your fleet's alerts so that you can focus on speeding alerts. Using your app's Google Maps interface, you can see that many of your fleet's speeding alerts do take place in residential areas. To remedy the issue, you schedule a dangerous driving safety seminar for the next day and encourage your drivers to watch their speed.

Discover what else real-time alerts can do for your fleet.

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With our new alerts enhancements available on your Linxup mobile app, you can manage your drivers more efficiently – no office required.

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