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Alerts Enhancements Coming Soon: Receive Alerts Customized to your Fleet

By Jessica Stoddard Back to Home on Mar 14, 2016
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Real-time alerts from your GPS tracking system can help you stop problems as they happen. Receiving immediate notifications for certain behaviors is useful in some situations, for example when a vehicle or piece of equipment is leaving an area without authorization, but depending on the size and structure of your fleet, receiving an alert every time a particular event occurs can be impractical and maybe even a little annoying.

Coming soon, our newly enhanced Alerts feature will give fleet managers the ability to customize their alerts to suit their fleet's needs, including:

  • What alerts you receive
  • When an alert is triggered
  • When and how often you receive alerts
  • How many alerts you receive
  • Who receives the alert

When you customize your alerts to your fleet and your schedule, you can more effectively manage your drivers, reduce your operating costs, and improve driver safety and performance.

New Alerts: Choose What Alerts You Receive

Linxup's enhanced Alerts feature will offer fleet managers more options in terms of what alerts they choose to receive. In addition to receiving alerts for unauthorized use or unsafe driving behaviors such as speeding, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration, fleet managers can choose to receive alerts for:

  • The first ignition of the day: See if your employees start on time and use this information to encourage punctuality and improve your fleet's overall efficiency.
  • High speed: Understand how your drivers behave in the field without waiting until their behavior becomes dangerous or illegal.
  • First speeding offense: Encourage your drivers to avoid dangerous driving behaviors before they become a habit.

Fine-Tune Alert Thresholds: Decide What Triggers an Alert

Every business operates differently. Some businesses, such as towing or trucking companies, may spend more time idling. In this case, fleet managers may choose to set a higher idling threshold so they only receive an alert when it is truly relevant. Other businesses, such as landscaping or pest control companies, may be more concerned about speeding or after-hours vehicle use.

Customized thresholds will give fleet managers the power to:

  • Separate the most aggressive driving behaviors from minor incidents and monitor the most problematic behaviors in real-time from any location.
  • Target specific behaviors and work with individual drivers to improve their driving habits.
  • Create alerts for different groups of workers.
  • Limit the number of alerts they receive to the ones that are most likely to benefit their business.

You Decide What Information is Urgent: When will you Receive an Alert?

If a driver tampers with a Linxup GPS tracking device, you probably want that information right away. But that driver who had to slam on his brakes in traffic? You may prefer to wait to review that information at the end of the day.

Our new enhanced customizability will give you the ability to define the frequency at which you receive alerts, and with the addition of hourly and daily Alert summary reports, you will be able to control when you receive what information and schedule your reports for whenever works best for you. This will allow you to prioritize certain types of alerts, spend less time sorting through alert reports, and devote more time to actually managing your fleet

Cut Out Information Clutter: Determine Who Receives Alerts

If your company has multiple work teams, it can be distracting to receive an alert for every action triggered by every driver. This is especially true if you have managers in charge of particular groups of drivers who only need information about their own crew. Linxup alert reports will now be customizable, so they only send the most relevant information to the right people at the right time. Here's an example:

You are the fleet manager for a landscaping business. As fleet manager, you are responsible for ensuring vehicles are not used for personal use, but you've delegated fleet safety to your assistant manager. You've customized your alert reporting so you receive unauthorized use alerts in real-time as prohibited behaviors occur, while your assistant manager will receive hourly or daily speeding summaries. Customized alerting reduces information clutter so you and your assistant manager can focus only on relevant information without being distracted by unnecessary alerts.

You will also be able to eliminate information overload by unsubscribing to particular alerts and alert reports or by opting to receive mobile app notifications, a feature that is available in the latest version of the Linxup mobile app.

Stay Alert

Your GPS tracking device should help, not hinder your ability to manage your fleet. With customized alert schedules and reports, you'll be able to streamline the communication of important information without overwhelming your staff.

Learn more about Linxup alerts.