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New Linxup Dash Cam: an Innovative GPS-Connected Fleet Camera

By Janine Brownridge Back to Home on November 21, 2019

Announcing the official arrival of the Linxup Dash Cam - a cutting-edge camera solution offering fleets 24-hour protection.

With dual interior and front-facing cameras and 4G LTE connectivity to the cloud, the Linxup Dash Cam works around the clock to protect vehicles whether driving or parked. By pairing the camera with Linxup’s award-winning GPS vehicle tracking device, video evidence of road conditions and driver behavior can now be matched to alerts for speeding, harsh braking, and unauthorized use.

Cameras operate 24 hours a day to capture and record events around fleet vehicles even when parked. In the event of accidents, videos and GPS data on speed and locations can be downloaded and shared with law enforcement and insurance companies to help lower costs and protect companies from legal action. In addition, motion-triggered LED spotlights and automatic alerts for breaking glass help prevent theft.

“Our dash cam is the only fleet camera solution that offers this level of connectivity and theft protection,” said Tom Prindiville, Vice President of Product Management, who oversaw months of beta-testing and a soft rollout to select customers before the public launch. “But it was equally important to us that it be easy to use and install. Linxup is the simplest GPS tracking solution on the market, and we wanted our camera to match that.”

The Linxup Dash Cam installs in just six minutes with a simple window mount. “We actually had a contest to see how quickly the camera could be installed, and one of our employees set up a camera in less than 40 seconds,” Prindiville commented.

The Linxup Dash Cam joins a suite of industry-leading fleet telematics products, including equipment and asset trackers and ELD.