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Detailed Alert Reports Now Available on your Linxup Mobile App

By Jay Black Back to Home on March 6, 2017
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Managing your fleet from the palm of your hand is even easier with the latest update to Linxup's dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android.

Four detailed reports that were previously only available on your Linxup desktop dashboard are now available on your smartphone:

1. Miles report
2. Driver safety report
3. Stops report
4. Idling report

In addition to reviewing these comprehensive reports, our mobile app update will also enable you to:

  • Customize data by alert type, such as speeding, idling, or geofence activity.
  • Filter alert data by date and group.
  • Access daily, weekly, and monthly alert summaries for individual drivers and entire fleets.
  • Customize date ranges, with the option to switch between vehicles and drivers.

The latest update also gives fleet managers the ability to use their smartphones to personalize alert reports, including:

  • Who can see alerts.
  • Speed, stop durations, and other thresholds that will trigger an alert.
  • When and how often to receive alert summaries.

With this powerful data at your fingertips, it will be even easier for you to review your GPS tracking data and manage your fleet anytime, anywhere.

Miles report

The miles report calculates and displays the total mileage for your entire fleet, as well as groups of vehicles. You can also drill down into individual trip reports to view mileage for specific drivers or vehicles, including map locations for stops and alerts and Google Street View images for deeper insights.

Driver safety report

The driver safety report provides an overall safety grade for your entire fleet, groups of vehicles, or individual drivers. With the mobile app update, you can use your smartphone to review a breakdown of safety grades by total score, speeding, rapid acceleration, and harsh braking. You'll also be able to break down alerts and safety scores for individual drivers so you can address safety concerns as they happen, coach individual drivers, or reward drivers for safe driving habits.

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Stops report

In the stops report, you can review all stops made by your entire fleet, a group of vehicles, or individual drivers. Detailed stop reports for individual vehicles include the exact location of each stop, with precise map locations and Google Street View images.

Idling report

Linxup's idling report can help you decrease your fleet's fuel consumption by up to 20% by eliminating wasteful, unnecessary idling.

The idling report displays the total minutes individual vehicles, your entire fleet, or a group of vehicles spends idling. You can also review idle events for specific vehicles in your fleet, including a map location of where the idling took place and Google Street View images. These insights can help you identify wasteful behaviors and encourage your drivers to turn off their vehicles when they're not in use.

Monitor your fleet anytime, anywhere

With our latest updates, you can review detailed reports and gain data-driven insights into driver behavior right from your smartphone – no office required!

Download our dedicated mobile app for iOS or Android:

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