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How Linxup can help solve top trucking issues for 2017

By Janine Brownridge Back to Home on November 2, 2017

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) recently released their annual top 10 list of trucking industry issues , in which electronic logging devices (ELD) and safety for truckers were top concerns. With the changes happening in the trucking industry, certain issues get prioritized over others. Linxup’s priority is to provide GPS tracking tools to improve fleet management in simple ways. When it comes to ATRI’s list, Linxup has both GPS and ELD solutions that can clear up almost half of those main issues.

ELD mandate

A top concern within the trucking industry is the ELD mandate that’s set to begin in December of this year. An electronic logging device’s purpose is to keep a more accurate record for hours of service (HOS) that a trucker can be on the road. The implementation of ELDs in trucks worry many companies and truck drivers about compliance to the new rules. Linxup makes fleet management easy and compliance possible with our new ELD products. The main benefits for choosing Linxup as your ELD solution include:

  • Receiving warnings when critical violations are approaching.
  • Providing quick access to reports during roadside inspections.
  • Automatically changing driver duty status.

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Driver retention

According to the ATRI, driver retention is a major concern due to the churn of truck drivers increasing within the past year. Recent surveys show that lack of driver retention is not largely due to the approaching ELD mandate. Thirty percent of carriers would rather quit than comply with the ELD mandate, but almost half have already complied or plan to do so before the deadline. A greater number of carriers complying to the rule allows there to be more need for businesses to acquire and learn how to use electronic logging devices. Linxup provides the perfect solution with our ELD product while having ELD experts available for you to learn more about the product’s features and capabilities. Having these experts to help will ease the transition from paper logbooks to ELDs, allowing driver retention to be possible.               

Compliance, safety, accountability (CSA)

CSA has lowered in ranking compared to past lists made by the ATRI, but is still something to consider. Linxup has two devices that help with all three of these areas. The Linxup GPS tracking devices are perfect for managing the driving behaviors of a fleet. Linxup’s tracking devices yield detailed reports and route replay to monitor driving activity. The driving behaviors tracked include harsh braking, speeding and stopping. These features help improve driver safety, allowing drivers to be accountable for all actions behind the wheel.

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Cumulative economic impacts

A great amount of federal regulatory agencies have their hands in the trucking industry, and with that comes policies. The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) eases the process of reporting fuel use by motor carriers and Linxup makes that even easier for fleet companies. Linxup ELDs detect when vehicles are idling, a major cause for fuel inefficiency when it comes to the trucking industry. Monitoring idling helps companies see how much fuel is being wasted. This allows them to inform the drivers so that idling decreases over time and saves money on fuel.

Whether your business needs GPS/asset tracking features or to comply with the impending ELD mandate, Linxup is able to provide a solution and also solve those major concerns that have an impact on the trucking industry. Check out our website to discover our products features and prices. If you’re unsure whether or not you need an ELD solution, take our quiz to find out!