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Interview: Linxup CTO Naeem Bari Discusses GPS Tracking Devices with Eli the Computer Guy

By Jessica Stoddard Back to Home on Nov 9, 2016
Eli Computer Guy

Linxup's CTO, Naeem Bari, joined Eli the Computer Guy earlier this month to talk about how Linxup GPS tracking devices can help improve fleet productivity, improve driver behavior, and reduce fuel usage.

"If you're interested in GPS tracking, just go search for it. Find us and use us in good health. It has become a pretty accessible technology – it is certainly not a daunting thing to say ‘I want to track my car' and actually do it. The path is really straightforward."
-Naeem Bari, CTO at Linxup

With a Linxup device, GPS tracking goes beyond simply knowing where your fleet vehicles are located. When you track your vehicles with Linxup, you can:

Discover more powerful benefits of GPS tracking – watch the full interview below:

Learn more about how Linxup GPS tracking devices can benefit your fleet.