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By Jessica Stoddard Back to Home on Sept 19, 2016
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Linxup is excited to expand its online sales to online tech retailer has grown steadily since its launch in 2001, and is broadening its product categories beyond computers and electronics to include automotive products such as Linxup GPS tracking devices.

Linxup GPS trackers provide business owners with real-time and historical information on their employees' daily driving habits. This information can help small and medium-sized businesses in any industry reduce costs, increase revenue, improve customer service and driver safety, and even automate maintenance schedules.

"We are excited to grow with and reach new customers that are looking for a GPS vehicle tracking device for their business. is the perfect destination for business owners looking to increase business efficiency. We are excited to be present on one of the fastest growing e-commerce avenues."
-Jessica Stoddard-Zyk, Director of Product Marketing

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