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Do you want to monitor wear and tear on vehicles and equipment?

We have the answers.

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Our GPS Tracking Devices

Vehicle & Fleet GPS Trackers

Linxup Plug-in GPS Tracker device
Plug-in Vehicle Tracker
(OBD Port)

Ideal for all vehicles manufactured after 1996. (Does not support electric vehicles.)

Linxup Wire-In GPS Tracker device
Wire-in Vehicle Tracker
(No OBD Port)

Compact design means the device can be covertly installed in tight locations.

Asset & Equipment GPS Trackers

Linxup AT3 Asset GPS Tracker device
AT3 Asset Tracker

The most versatile tracker today - custom designed to fit on small equipment and assets.

Linxup ATSolar Asset GPS Tracker device
ATSolar Asset Tracker

Self-charging; ideal for critical non-powered assets in the field.

Electronic Logging Device

Linxup ELD Solution - device and smartphone app

Comply with Federal ELD mandates with our FMCSA-certified ELD solution.

Dash Camera

Linxup Connected Car Camera

Show both traffic events and driver behavior to reduce false claims and liability.

The Best Solution For GPS Tracking.

We've been delivering outstanding GPS solutions since 2004. At Linxup, you'll find a group of people dedicated to serving the fleet tracking needs of small, medium, and large businesses. The Linxup web-based asset management software features easy-to-use maps, insightful reports, and tools like unauthorized location/use alerts and maintenance updates.

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GPS Technology in Action

GPS tracking enables managers to locate vehicles and assets in real time, including direction and speed of travel, from any mobile device or computer. GPS is powered by a worldwide radio navigation system made up of 24 satellites above the Earth, beaming signals to ground stations, which enables microwave signals to communicate with your GPS device and calculate your vehicle's speed, travel route, and more.

  • 1

    Connect a GPS receiver to a vehicle, asset, etc

  • 2

    A signal is transmitted back to the receiver at the speed of light.

  • 3

    The receiver calculates, in real-time, the distance between itself and the satellite.

  • 4

    If not in cell range, the device stores and forwards the data in full when the device gets back into cell range.

  • 5

    The receiver calculates, in real-time, the distance between itself and the satellite.

  • 6

    A readout is created showing distance or movement, coordinates, and speeding travel.