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Linxup's native applications for iOS and Android devices let you keep easy tabs on your vehicles any time of the day.

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Everything went exactly as they said, I now have 4 units and they work great, love their web page...it's easy to use and at your finger tips. I don't usually write comments but I feel they deserve a pat on the back.

Chris K.

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We covered half the cost for one year in savings through being more efficient on just one day of use. Security is great but this thing is saving us money, communication headaches and a lot of guess work.

Jeff F.

Bought one as a trial and was so happy with the results that I am now outfitting my fleet with them. Great product, great results. Well worth it!
Johnny S.

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Use our interactive ROI calculator to estimate your savings. Quickly see how much you can expect to save using Linxup tracking.

7 Fleet Management Terms You Need to Know

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Every industry has its own unique terminology, and the fleet industry is no exception. It's important that fleet managers (and drivers!) keep up to date on industry jargon to stay at the top of their field. To help bulk up your vocabulary, we've compiled a list of fleet management terms you need to know.

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