GPS Tracking for Landscapers

GPS Tracking to Grow Your Lawn Care Business

Keep track of your teams, your vehicles, and your equipment with Linxup GPS vehicle trackers and Linxup asset trackers for landscaping and lawn care services. Both types of devices are easy to install, and you can view everything from your smartphone or tablet.

Use our GPS vehicle trackers to keep tabs on your vehicles, monitor driver safety, reroute resources, and cut fuel costs.

Add our asset tracker to your mowers and other expensive equipment to prevent loss, theft, and unauthorized use. Explore our affordable tracker options to find the device that best suits your needs.

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Total Coverage: GPS Tracking for Vehicles and Assets


Not only can you accurately track every vehicle in your fleet, you can also track all of your assets and equipment. Safeguard your entire inventory with a simple-to-use solution from Linxup to protect your lawn care and landscaping business. Our trackers can be installed in:

  • Light trucks
  • Heavy-duty trucks
  • Vans
  • Company cars

Equip all of your vehicles with GPS tracking from Linxup to know where your lawn crews are at all times. Get turn-by-turn route replays, guard against theft and unauthorized use, and improve route planning. See which GPS trackers are right for your business.


Your lawn care and landscaping business depends on a wide variety of equipment to run smoothly. Expensive equipment should be guarded at all times, and GPS tracking from Linxup is an affordable way to keep your assets safe. Linxup GPS tracking works on:

  • Mowers
  • Storage containers
  • Trailers
  • Power equipment

Prevent theft, monitor for after-hours/unauthorized use, and gain peace of mind knowing that all of your gear is accounted for.

Field-Tested for Your Entire Landscaping Fleet

Tow truck tracking app

Monitor your vehicles and equipment throughout the day with a simple-to-use solution from Linxup. Our GPS trackers cover your entire inventory of mowers, trailers, vehicles, and every other piece of equipment that is valuable to you — and expensive to replace. Linxup GPS trackers will help your landscaping business:

  • View all of your assets in real-time on our simple-to-use app for smartphones and tablets.
  • Quickly and easily locate all vehicles and assets on the same map.
  • Receive reports detailing driver behavior, including harsh braking, excessive idling, and unsafe habits.
  • Access real-time location if vehicle is unaccounted for or goes missing.
  • Protect vehicles, mowers, and other equipment from theft and unauthorized use.
  • Get maintenance reminders to keep your vehicles running smoothly.

See how easy and affordable it is to cover your lawn care and landscaping fleet. Discover which trackers are right for your business at a price that fits your budget.

Taking Your Landscaping Business to the Next Level

screenshots from Tow Truck Tracking software on mobile and desktop

Growing your business is always at the top of your mind, and embracing cutting-edge technology is a great way to get there. With Linxup, you get advanced technology, and you also get the support needed to manage sustained growth, cut costs, and streamline your operations. With GPS tracking for your lawn care and landscaping business, you can:

  • Thwart thieves by steering authorities to missing equipment or vehicles with precise GPS location
  • Prevent after-hours use, unauthorized activity, and misuse of your equipment and vehicles
  • Avoid costly equipment breakdowns with alerts reminding you when it's time for preventive maintenance checks
  • Eliminate double-bookings and wasteful driving by overseeing teams in the field and dispatching them accordingly
  • Clear up billing disputes with customers with time-stamped information specific to their home or business

46,000+ Customers. Rave Reviews.

Peace of mind and great customer service always win rave reviews…

"We purchased four of these for our small business to track our company vehicles. We had already tried Verizon’s GPS and returned them for several reasons, but mainly because we could only see one vehicle at a time. Linxup is PERFECT for us: super easy to install, and we can see all vehicles at once on the main screen. We couldn’t be happier with this product. Highly recommended for any business."
Amazon customer
"I use Linxup for a small business with 15 vehicles. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. Use it every day. I even have my personal cars so I can keep up with my family. I have recommended it to bigger companies as well, and they bought me a case of beer for the recommendation."
Amazon customer
"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DEVICE!!! Very user friendly! I can track down my employees at any given time. I ALWAYS know where my vehicles are. The only problem I have with Linxup is that I wish I would have had it in my life a very long time ago!!!"
Kris D.
"We only have 3 company trucks, and we have 1 tracker in each truck. We have been very happy with the service. We feel it is what has lowered our fuel bill due to employees knowing that we are monitoring. Very easy to install, and very affordable compared to others. Again, highly recommend."
Amazon customer
"Simple installation. Simple software. Great reports. Set the date and time range and view the map, speeds, details. I used an extension plug for OBC to hide the lights (placed device up under dash)."
Joseph H.

Let's Get Tracking.

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