Local or On the Road

Scalable Enterprise GPS Tracking Solutions for Larger Fleets

Powerful Management and Insights.

More than enterprise fleet tracking and visibility.

Linxup enterprise GPS fleet and asset management solutions deliver critical operations data and insights that help move your business forward.

With Linxup, fleet managers, scheduling managers, dispatchers, and job planners are able to see beyond real time into data trends that allow them to:

  • Optimize schedules
  • Uncover additional cost savings
  • Identify areas of risk
  • Improve customer satisfaction

and use all of intelligence above to create opportunities for business growth.

Linxup Simplifies the Complicated.

Let's start with cost savings.

Vehicles in your fleet:

Potential savings per month:

Linxup customers enjoy up to 4X monthly ROI (or more!).

How Much Can We Save You?

Manage your fleet easier and respond faster.

With Linxup, everyone in your business stays on the same page. Fleet managers, scheduling managers, dispatchers, job planners, and account managers...all have the same real time insights into enterprise-scale field operations.

The impacts of every day challenges to your fleet such as schedule delays, unplanned route or work disruptions, labor shortages, and ad hoc customer requests are easier to manage. Decisions are made with more confidence from a single data-backed source.

But that's just the start. Let us show you all that a Linxup GPS enterprise fleet tracking solution can deliver to your business.

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Easy to install. Easy to use.

Durable, reliable, discreet hardware built with leading technology.

  • Real time visibility
  • Route tracking
  • Route replay
  • Resource allocation reporting
  • Fuel card integration
  • Unauthorized usage detection

Best-in-class software that delivers visibility, powerful tools, and robust reporting.

  • Custom geofencing
  • Track both vehicles and assets
  • Custom alerts
  • Maintenance management
  • Engine on/off idle monitoring
  • Powerful reporting

Built to keep pace with your business needs.

Ready for large-scale fleets

  • Affordable, volume-based pricing starting as low as 10 vehicles
  • Easily scalable with adding devices made quick and easy
  • Turn device tracking on/off based on seasonality
  • Free API for integration with other systems

Tracking and intelligence for every situation

  • Dependable enterprise GPS vehicle and asset tracking - local and on the road
  • Dash cameras to reduce risk, lower costs, and improve driver behavior
  • Powered, unpowered, and solar devices - discrete, durable, and waterproof
  • Long term/storage monitoring with theft detection

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