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The Linxup Solution for FMCSA Compliance

Electronic Logging Devices for Truck Drivers

Complying with federal mandates has never been easier with Linxup's Electronic Logging Devices. Quick to install, simple to use, and very affordable, our FMCSA-certified ELD solution gives you:

  • Industry-leading electronic logging software & hardware
  • Dedicated data plan
  • Top-rated tech support & customer service, including 24/7 live support and video tutorials
  • Dedicated JBus tracking device with guaranteed full compatibility for ELD software
  • Option to BYOD or use our dedicated tablet for ELD software portal

From $30 per month
Get $350 in free hardware with contract
Special volume pricing available

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Going Beyond Hours-of-Service with a Total ELD Solution

Logging hours of service is an important part of your truck drivers' day-to-day, but when it comes to a reliable means of FMCSA compliance, automated electronic logging always beats manual entry. Linxup's ELD solution gives truckers and fleet operators comprehensive data at their fingertips – one that simply and effectively provides inspectors proof of compliance.

Linxup's FMCSA-certified ELD solution will help you:

  • Eliminate handwritten logs and paperwork
  • Provide quick reports for roadside inspections
  • Automatically change driver duty status
  • Monitor and track driver behavior
  • Manage routing & maintenance schedules
  • Anticipate critical violations with timely warnings
Linxup ELD Solution

Linxup's ELD solution gives you devices that take seconds to install and easy-to-use touchscreen software. These solutions help your truck drivers and fleet operators see all data in real-time and access logs with a simple touch. Plus, with our BYOD option, you can use your own tablet.

Switching from AOBRD to ELD?

Great, you're in right place. Linxup's experts can get you switched over so that your vehicles are in complete compliance with an easy-to-use, affordable ELD solution.

AOBRDs (automatic on-board recording devices) are similar to ELDs (electronic logging devices) in that they record hours-of-service – they just don't compile or display as much data or detail as an ELD.

Contact Linxup if you have questions about transitioning from AOBRDs to ELDs and the many ways you can benefit from greater transparency and improved data gathering.

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ELDs offer you extended features not available in AOBRDs, including:

  • Driver-specific data
  • Log-ins and log-outs
  • Engine-on, engine-off tracking
  • Malfunction information
  • Auto-recording for change-of-duty status
  • Greater pinpointing of geographical accuracy
  • Edit history with annotations
  • Auto-recorded events that don't allow changes
  • Edit history visible to DOT inspectors
  • No editing of driving time allowed

Linxup ELD-only Data Plan, From $30 per Month.

Get $350 in free hardware with contract. BYOD tablet option available.

Contact us for special volume discounts.

Affordable Options

With Linxup’s base ELD-only data plan, your vehicles get the coverage you need to fully comply with all federal mandates. For more benefits and extra savings, you can also pair your ELD solution with additional Linxup GPS tracking services.


Our basic solution for truck drivers and fleet operators to stay fully compliant to satisfy all federal mandates.

ELD + GPS Tracking

Add Linxup's GPS tracking platform to track all your vehicles in real-time and leverage other features to better manage your fleet all while logging hours of service.

ELD + GPS Tracking + State Mileage Compliance

Add state mileage fuel-tax reporting—all for one low monthly price.

*IFTA automated fuel-tax reporting available.

Wondering if it's worth adding on GPS?

It is, but don't take our word for it. Enter the number of vehicles you have to track and see your savings!

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LinxCam: A Powerful Add-on

Linxup GPS tracker and dash cam
  • Front and rear dual-view cameras upload video to the cloud instantly
  • Real-time alerts, distracted driver monitoring, and actionable insights
  • Fully integrated with Linxup GPS Tracking

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