Linxup ELD Solution

Easy-to-install and simple to use electronic logging

Linxup ELD / Hours of Service Solution

If your drivers are currently required to complete paper logs, then you are likely aware that starting December 2017 you had to switch over to an electronic logging device. We know you’re not happy about this mandate. We can’t stop it, but we can help.

Linxup has a solution that can ease your worries and make the transition to ELD simple and cost effective. And, we’ve got a top-rated support team, along with free online resources, to help you and your drivers adapt.

  • Eliminate handwritten logs and save paperwork.
  • Receive warnings when critical violations are approaching.
  • Provide quick access to reports for roadside inspections.
  • Automatically change driver duty status.
  • Achieve 100% compliance by the mandate.
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ELD devices

ELD Pricing Options

$149. 99 JBus device. $149. 99 tablet.
FREE JBus device with 3 year contract on 2 or more ELD solutions!

ELD Only
$29 . 99 / month
$39 . 99 / month
$49 . 99 / month

Linxup Forever Guarantee

If at any time during the course of normal use your GPS device stops working, we will correct the problem or replace the product for as long as you are a customer*. Our guarantee applies to all Linxup customers and protects you from changing technology or cellular carrier updates. Having an issue? Please email our support group or call us at 877-732-4980

* Asset trackers have a 1 year warranty.

  • We stand behind our products with our Forever satisfaction guarantees
  • Same day shipping guarantee
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