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Linxup GPS tracking

Vehicle Tracking

What is the actual size of the Linxup GPS vehicle tracking device?

How often does the Linxup vehicle tracking device track?

In what countries does the Linxup GPS tracking device work?

Is there a secondary antenna associated with the Linxup GPS tracking device?

How is the GPS tracking device powered?

Do I receive an alert if the device is unplugged or unwired?

How accurate is the GPS vehicle tracking?

Will my drivers know that they are being tracked?

What advantage does Linxup have over GPS tracking a cell phone?

How do you determine harsh acceleration / braking?

What type of vehicle does the Linxup plug-in device work in?

How do I install the Linxup plug-in GPS tracking device?

How difficult is the wired device to install?

Can Linxup vehicle trackers withstand extreme weather conditions?

Will Linxup vehicle trackers drain a vehicle’s battery?


Asset Tracking

Is the Linxup wired device an asset tracker?

Can Linxup asset trackers withstand extreme weather conditions?

Are Linxup asset trackers water proof or water resistant?

Will I receive a notification on my phone if my asset moves outside an approved area?

What data can I access other than the location of an asset?

Can the ATSolar GPS Tracker report on machine hours and maintenance schedules?

Can I install a Linxup asset tracker myself?



Can I install the LinxCam myself?

Does the LinxCam come with mounting hardware?

How does the LinxCam receive power?

Do I have to purchase a monthly data plan from Linxup to use a LinxCam?

Will this camera work with my existing Linxup vehicle tracking devices?


ELD (Electronic Logging Device)

What is an ELD? (Electronic Logging Device)

Who is required to use an ELD?

What’s required to meet the ELD mandate established by FMCSA?

Do Linxup ELD solutions meet the ELD mandate?

How are ELDs different from Automatic OnBoard Recording Devices (AOBRDs)?

Do I need ELDs if I already have AOBRDs installed in my fleet?

How can I be sure that an ELD is compliant with the FMCSA?

Can I use my own tablet with the Linxup ELD solution?

Is the Linxup ELD solution difficult to install?

How does the Linxup ELD solution work?

How often does the Linxup ELD solution record data?

Does the Linxup ELD tablet come with mounting gear and wiring?

How can I be sure the Linxup ELD solution is tamper-proof?

Do Linxup ELDs alert drivers when they are nearing their HOS limits?

Can I access vehicle diagnostics and idle times through a Linxup ELD device?

Do Linxup ELDs provide IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting capabilities?


About Linxup

How long has Linxup been in business?

Where is Linxup's technical and customer support located?

For how long is my data stored?

Is there an early termination fee?

Can I access tracking data from my iPhone or Android device?

Do I need a data plan?

Do I pay a monthly fee per device?

Are bulk discounts available on GPS devices?

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