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Linxup GPS tracking
mini gps tracker

Linxup Mini GPS Tracker

Powerful Tracking Features in a Small Package

The Linxup Mini GPS Tracker is our most versatile option for tracking everything from vehicles and equipment to family members and valuable items.

Linxup GPS tracking

2 Week Battery Life

Linxup GPS tracking

24/7 Monitoring

Linxup GPS tracking for deliveries

Same Day Shipping

Mini Tracker Device Specifications

mini gps tracker key fob comparison

Similar in size to a standard key fob

Small, lightweight, and powerful, the Mini Tracker comes with an optional weather-resistant magnetic case to attach to any equipment without the need for wiring or power connections. About the size of a standard vehicle key fob, the Mini Tracker goes anywhere and can track just about anything.

Check-in anytime using route replay or customized alerts.

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Linxup Mini Tracking From $20 per Month.

Get $100 in free hardware with contract

Special volume pricing available

Easily Track What Matters Most

Linxup Mini GPS Tracker can be discreetly attached to any vehicle and is small enough to fit into a bag or backpack. These devices can be useful when it comes to ensuring the safety of family members, monitoring the transportation of goods, detecting the unauthorized use of company resources, and so much more.

Order the Linxup Mini Tracker
  • Linxup GPS tracking for trucks

    Vehicles and Small Fleets

    Simply place the Mini Tracker in a vehicle or attach the magnetic case. No installation necessary!

  • Linxup GPS tracking

    Mobile Employees

    Quickly identify locations and let customers know when service providers will arrive. The Mini Tracker fits easily into work bags or pockets.

  • Linxup GPS tracking

    Family Members

    Have peace of mind that your loved one is safe. Setup GEO-fences with specific boundaries and receive alerts if the tracker exits the designated area.

  • Linxup GPS tracking for tools

    Tools & Equipment

    Place in tool boxes, or attach to worksite or rental equipment. Receive alerts if your valuable assets move after hours or out of designated locations.

  • Linxup GPS tracking


    Toss it in instrument cases, camera bags, sports equipment...anything you value can be protected.

Get Started

Begin using the Linxup Mini Tracker in three easy steps:

Linxup GPS tracking


Simply attach the Mini Tracker in its case to any magnetic surface or discreetly conceal the tracker in any vehicle, trailer, toolbox, bag, or pocket!

Linxup GPS tracking


Follow the simple step-by-step instructions that come with your device.

Linxup GPS tracking


Get real-time location updates on your phone, tablet or computer. Customize alerts to know where your GPS tracker is at all times.

linxup gps tracking software app

Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone

With the free Linxup mobile app for iPhone and Android, your alerts go with you. Find peace of mind about the things and people you value most.

30,000+ Customers. Rave Reviews.

Peace of mind and great customer service always win rave reviews…

"I’ve have used other tracking devices previously and this one by far is the best... Very well made product. The location of the device is extremely accurate and works even in areas where my phone has crappy service. The app for my iPhone is very user friendly as well. I have mine on my boat under the center console just to give me piece of mind while it’s sitting at the storage yard... I can’t find one thing that I dislike and for that reason I give this device a 10 out of 10 and recommend it."
Shawn M.
"Small tracker with great accuracy! I use this tracker for my 10 yo. He takes it with him when he go out to play on the street with his friends. It is very small so it is not hard for him to put it in his pocket, besides it is super lite. The battery last at least 10 days, still have mine charged. The setup and use is super simple and easy. And the accuracy is great, and that’s why i love it. It can be used in so many ways: for bags, for car, bikes, for kids, for elderly people that can get lost, for pets.... anything... really useful."
Constanza V.
"Amazing accuracy, super easy to setup and use. Really impressed with the accuracy of this as well as the UI of the website. I've tried out a few of these trackers and honestly the hardware is often just the same as each other, but the real thing that makes a difference is the website or app behind it. The website for Linxup is obviously tried and true, and makes the other mini tracker sites look like some kind of 1990s Geocities site..."
Amazon Customer
"I already own one and I wanted this exact item again this time. It's accurate, even in no cell zones here locally. I use it for when I let the kids borrow the car... The last one has lasted quite a while now."
"Works as Advertised. The GPS works as noted... The instructions are easy to understand, the set up is simple and even someone who is not too tech savvy should be able to operate this without much fuss. For someone who needs to keep track of a person or a vehicle or other equipment, this should work flawlessly."
Amazon Customer
"Works great! Easy to use and app is great... It is pretty accurate in the tracking and small that it will most likely go unnoticed. I normally just put it inside my nieces backpack and it does a good job in showing where she is at a time. The app works pretty well. There are alerts you can set up if you need to say setup a limit on where your kid is traveling which I enjoy."
Amazon Top 1,000 Reviewer
"The Linxup tracker is the third such device I have tried, and it is by far the best. The instructions are crystal clear, the setup a breeze, and the tracker works seamlessly with my Mac. If your situation is such that you need a tracker -- for teenagers, for an elderly person, for a fleet of service trucks -- this tracker and the service to monitor it are reasonably priced, and the tracker itself is simplicity itself... I can heartily recommend it."
Amazon Customer

Customer Reviews

Overall Satisfaction Rating


Scott T.

Great product. I would highly recommend it to my family, friends, or anyone else that may need this kind of system. It's every bit as good and better than advertised. In my opinion, I would rate it AAA++++. Thanks Linxup for developing this product. Keep up the good work!!

F. Wood

I was a little skeptical, as this was the third mini gps tracker I had purchased for the same purpose. I was trying to get by cheaper than this and none of them came close to what this device/service does. $23/mo is nothing when it gives you the peace of mind I have, knowing I can find an elderly family member if things go wrong. First, setup was very easy, including; account, website, mobile app, device placement and charging, even Geofencing and notification setup. Second, accuracy is astounding. I have one Geofence set up to know if they run off the road. Alerts are instantaneous and being able to check the speed of the driver all the way to the temperature inside the vehicle is comforting. Lastly, I haven't been able to plug the device in, so I was worried about the battery life. I was very pleasantly surprised that it lasted almost 3 weeks. Much unlike a phone battery, when it got to 3%, it still lasted another two days. With this device, as things progress, I feel very confidently, I can safely take proper precautions prior to any incident.

Linxup Customer

This mini gps tracker works like a charm. I purchased it to place in my briefcase that I use to travel great distances. I found it to be more accurate in placing my location than my phone in rural areas. Could easily be used for motorcycle GPS tracking, dog tracking, or to find anything really. It's very small and lite. The battery is lasts 14 days on one charge. I am so impressed that I would suggest it to anyone looking for a mini GPS tracker.


I bought this to track my RC airplanes. The company contacted me about my concerns and took my suggestions to heart. Thank you Linxup for caring about your customers. I can now fly with ease knowing if my planes go down I can find them. I lost an RC plane due to a malfunction. I immediately saw where it went down, drove right to the plane and successfully recovered it. Love Linxup!


Very accurate, dependable and discreet tracker. Much better and more accurate than a similar device I purchased from Brickhouse security. The online tracking is very good, and features many alerts you can set up to be sent via email or text.

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