Linxup Mini GPS Tracker

The Linxup Mini GPS Tracker is our most versatile option for tracking everything from vehicles to equipment to family members and valuable items.

Mini Tracker

Small, lightweight, and powerful, the Mini comes with an optional weather-resistant magnetic case to attach to any equipment without the need for wiring or power connections. About the size of a standard vehicle key fob, the Mini goes anywhere and can track just about anything.

The long-lasting rechargeable battery can track for up to 8 days with two hours of motion per day, and averages up to 14 days with normal use.

  • Route replay
  • Geofence and unauthorized use alerts
  • Low battery notifications
  • Weather-resistant
  • 4G cellular network

Mini Tracker Specs:

Dimensions: 3in x 1.5in x 1in
Weight: 3.36 Ounces
GPS Vehicle Tracker

Mini Tracker Pricing Options

No Contract
2-Year Contract
3-Year Contract

Need to order multiple GPS trackers?

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What can I track?

  • Vehicles and small fleets

    Simply place the Mini in a vehicle or attach the magnetic case. No installation necessary!

  • Mobile employees

    Quickly identify locations and let customers know when service providers will arrive. The Mini fits easily into work bags or pockets.

  • Tools and equipment

    Place in tool boxes, or attach to worksite or rental equipment. Receive alerts if your valuable assets move after hours or out of designated locations.

  • Valuables

    Toss it in instrument cases, camera bags, sports equipment… anything you’ve invested time and money in can be protected.

GPS Tracking Benefits