GPS Truck Tracking

Trucking Companies and Owner Operators Save Big with Linxup

GPS Truck Tracking Makes Sense!

Planning efficient routes, ensuring driver safety, and reducing fuel consumption are chief concerns for trucking companies, regardless of fleet size.

From tow truck tracking to long-haul trucking and everything in between, GPS truck trackers can improve driver efficiency and safety while also cutting back on wasted fuel.

GPS Truck Tracking System

Reduce Fuel Consumption up to 20%

By identifying wasteful driving behaviors like speeding and excessive idling, a GPS truck tracking system can reduce fuel consumption up to 20%. Pinpoint areas for improvement using:

  • Trips, Stops, & Idle Activity Reports. Discover where drivers are going, how long it takes to get there, and how efficiently they are.
  • Real-time Alerts.Get real-time alerts when wasteful behavior occurs such as speeding, rapid starts, or idling.
  • Route Replay.View and playback each vehicle's daily route to identify inefficiencies or issues.

Reduce fuel consumption