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Linxup GPS tracking

GPS Tracking for Heating & Cooling (HVAC) Companies

Linxup's Easy-to-Use System Makes HVAC Teams More Efficient

GPS Tracking for HVAC Companies

Linxup GPS tracking for HVAC

In the highly competitive HVAC industry service quality is key. Whether you’re answering a service call from a cranky customer or completing an after-hours job, the use of HVAC GPS trackers with your fleet of service vans and trucks lets you provide better service and stand out from your competition.

How it Works

"Bought one as a trial and was so happy with the results that I am now outfitting my fleet with them. Great product, great results. Well worth it!"


Track Trucks and Vans in Real-time

Linxup GPS tracking route replay in app

You can't improve driver behavior if you can't see it. Linxup's HVAC GPS tracking gives you insights on your vehicles and the driver behind the wheel:

  • Review individual driver history using our animated, interactive route replay
  • Monitor stops and time spent at customer locations
  • Get alerts for unsafe driving activities such as speeding, harsh braking and more

And with our GPS equipment tracking devices, you can even monitor the location of important HVAC assets and equipment like pumps, generators or expensive tools.

Streamline Dispatch & Improve Driver Performance

Linxup GPS tracking software driver report card

Linxup GPS brings the data captured by your HVAC GPS trackers to life. Using our intuitive online dashboard or dedicated mobile app, you can:

  • See where your drivers are traveling, how long they stay there, and how efficiently they are driving using our informative reports.
  • Streamline your dispatch by quickly locating the nearest vehicle to a customer or service call.
  • View live traffic updates so you can provide accurate ETAs and dispatch the most convenient vehicle.
  • Receive real-time alerts via e-mail or text message when a particular driving event occurs such as idling, harsh breaking, or speeding.
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So much to track. So much to learn.

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