GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment

Expensive Machinery. Multiple Job Sites. Linxup Tracks it All


Managing expensive machinery and heavy construction equipment is challenging, especially with large fleets spread across multiple job sites. Construction vehicles may not travel far, but with the wide variety of vehicles and assets managing it all can feel like an insurmountable challenge.

Construction Vehicle Tracking

Linxup’s real-time construction vehicle trackers reduce your operating costs and increase efficiency and productivity. From Linxup’s easy-to-use, interactive dashboard, you can monitor:

  • Vehicle Speed
    Ensure equipment travels at safe speeds.
  • Mileage
    Determine which vehicles work the hardest.
  • Idling
    Reduce idle times and decrease your fuel consumption by up to 20%.
  • Start & Finish Time
    Monitor when employees clock in and out.
  • Unauthorized Usage
    Reduce overtime and fuel fraud.
  • Maintenance
    Keep equipment in use by creating maintenance schedules and reminders.

Construction Equipment Tracking

From service vehicles and mobile cranes to generators and compressors, Linxup GPS’s equipment and construction vehicle trackers can monitor any vehicle or piece of equipment. Linxup GPS’s intuitive interface easily distinguishes between vehicles and assets so you can locate and monitor the performance of all your equipment at a glance.