Dispatching, driver safety, and improved customer service are easy with Linxup GPS.

There are a lot of companies out there competing for your customers. Quality, reliable service quality is the key to your success. Whether you’re answering a service call from a cranky customer or completing an after-hours job, Linxup GPS solutions help you provide better service and stand out from your competition.

Do more. Do better. Do it faster.

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Your business requires a lot of juggling throughout the day. From service requests to dispatching to requests from your employees in the field, you need to know more about where everything is to run your business effectively. The data you get from Linxup can help.

Key benefits

  • Track every vehicle and piece of equipment from your desktop or mobile device
  • Respond quickly and reliably to emergency service calls
  • Figure out when jobs are running late and you need to shift resources
  • Save money with more efficient routing and less idling

The Best Solution For GPS Tracking

linxup gps tracking software app

We've been delivering outstanding GPS solutions since 2004. At Linxup, you'll find a group of people dedicated to serving the GPS tracking needs of small, medium, and large businesses.

  • No Hidden Fees
  • Affordable Monthly Rates
  • Easy-to-Install Hardware
  • Same-Day Shipping
  • Fleet Discounts
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Linxup Dash Cam: 24/7 Security

The best dash cam solution available for service industry businesses. Get increased visibility into driver behavior, protection against theft, evidence you need when accidents happen, and proof of service for customers.

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The Solution Any Fleet-Based Business Needs

Linxup's simple but powerful GPS solution helps any fleet-based business grow and thrive.

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Responding quickly to service calls is key when there's a plumbing emergency. Linxup delivers by showing the nearest truck to any customer, improving routing and dispatch, and helping plumbing companies reach more customers faster.

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GPS tracking gives you insights on your vehicles and the driver behind the wheel. And with our equipment tracking devices, you can even monitor the location of important HVAC assets and equipment like pumps, generators or expensive tools.

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Pest Control

With employees in the field all day, it’s tough for pest control companies to monitor driver behavior and identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve service. GPS tracking helps by providing real-time insights into driver behavior, such as routes, stops, and the amount of time spent at a job.

How much can you save with GPS tracking?

The more you track, the more you save. Find out what your savings could be in reduced fuel use, less idling, more efficient routing, and more.

Vehicles in your fleet:

Potential savings per month:

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