Commercial Vehicle GPS Tracking for Fleets of All Sizes

Companies Across Industries are Finding Value in Linxup GPS Tracking

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Grow Your Business Using Commercial GPS Tracking

By helping you understand driver behavior in the field, commercial vehicle GPS tracking can:

  • Streamline Dispatch: Easily locate the most convenient vehicle and reduce response times.
  • Improve Customer Service: Provide accurate ETAs, quickly reach last-minute service calls, and help more customers every day.
  • Increase Fleet Efficiency: Eliminate wasteful driving behaviors and reduce your operating costs.
  • Encourage Safe Driving: Receive real-time alerts for unsafe behavior.

GPS tracking benefits many industries:

  • Trailers & Containers

    GPS tracking for shipping containers and trailers is a must to monitor usage, location, and keep deliveries on schedule.

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  • Construction

    Big construction vehicles mean big risks. Use Linxup to better manage and reduce liability.

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  • Towing

    GPS tracking for tow trucks means instantly knowing the nearest truck. Dispatch quicker and earn more.

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  • Trucking & Transportation

    Huge fleets or owner operators, GPS tracking provides benefits for trucking companies of all size.

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  • Heating and Cooling (HVAC)

    With emergency service calls and far-flung trucks, GPS tracking for Heating and Cooling (HVAC) companies improves efficiency.

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  • Emergency Services

    Squad cars, ambulances and fire trucks. Linxup GPS supports a wide variety of emergency responders.

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  • Landscaping & Lawn Care

    With Linxup GPS tracking, landscape and lawn care companies are seeing immeditate benefits and savings.

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  • Pest Control

    With busy schedules and large fleets, pest control companies are seeing big returns from GPS tracking.

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  • Rental Equipment

    You will always know where your rental equipment is while combating unauthorized use and theft.

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  • Plumbing

    Linxup helps plumbers make more calls and deliver better service.

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  • Delivery Trucks

    Monitor deliveries, dispatch vehicles based on location, and reroute drivers from your smartphone or tablet.

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  • Government

    Linxup tracks and monitors police fleets, government service vehicles, highway equipment and more.

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  • Realtors

    Easily keep track of fuel-tax reports for IFTA while also feeling safe when doing later open houses.

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  • Food & Beverage

    Food service delivery schedules and perishable loads allow GPS tracking to deliver immediate ROI.

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  • Newspapers

    Linxup helps newspapers and carriers monitor progress of single copy, retail, and bulk drops.

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  • Universities & Campuses

    It's a challenge managing diverse university fleets. Linxup makes it a snap.

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  • Chemicals

    The chemical transportation industry moves dangerous materials daily. GPS tracking improves oversight and safety.

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  • Utilities, Cable & Telecom

    Large fleets require sophisticated oversight. Linxup GPS tracking works with utilities, cable companies and telecoms nationwide.

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Commercial Truck Tracking Devices

Commercial truck tracking devices are a crucial tool for fleet management, providing real-time data on the location, movement, and status of trucks.

Commercial truck tracker devices can help you improve efficiency, and safety, and reduce operational costs by monitoring and analyzing your fleet's activity in real-time. It's important to choose a device that meets the specific needs of your fleet and budget so call today for guidance from a Linxup rep for the best solution and price.