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Linxup GPS tracking

Take Full Advantage of Our GPS Tracking System

The Features of Linxup's GPS Tracking Solutions

Trusted by tens of thousands of companies to track hundreds of thousands of vehicles and assets across more than 20 industries.

Real-time tracking and safety for the company vehicles and assets that keep your business running.

Linxup GPS tracking solutions benefit your business with best-in-class hardware and software. We offer a selection of tracking devices with different uses, ranging from hardwired to wireless, paired with an online GPS tracking system that is fully accessible via desktop or mobile app. With pinpoint accuracy and live tracking data, Linxup eliminates the questions and information delays often associated with field service operations, not only giving you a competitive advantage but also letting you focus on keeping costs down, customer satisfaction up, and growing your business.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Real-time, pinpoint location accuracy on detailed maps delivered live to your desktop or via mobile app.

Mobile App for Vehicle & Driver GPS Tracking

Get our best-in-class software on your iOS or Android mobile device.

Driver Monitoring & Rating

Oversee driver safety records with route replays, detailed explanations of unsafe habits, report cards, and much more.

GPS Tracker Alerts & Reporting

Get notifications and reports, customized to the info you need, including geofence alerts, unsafe actions, and more.

Maintenance Tracker & Scheduling Program

Lower break-fix risk and extend the life of your vehicles and assets with maintenance reminders.

Diagnostic Trouble Code Alerts

Diagnose and address vehicle issues faster with DTC codes included in GPS tracker device trouble alerts.

Fuel Tax Reporting

Add-on feature for IFTA reporting to the DoT with reports generated in seconds.

Dispatching & Time-Tracking

Add-on feature for managing and dispatching work vehicles and fleets plus extra features.

Fleetcor & WEX Fuel Cards

Increase fuel cost savings and fight fraud by integrating your FLEETCOR or WEX fuel card.

The Linxup Advantage

Linxup GPS tracking solutions are for your benefit with many applicable uses. Whether it's turn-by-turn accuracy, route replay, geofence monitoring, maintaining the safety of your drivers or locating gear and equipment, Linxup GPS vehicle and asset tracking solutions deliver online real-time visibility for what matters most to you.

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  • 4G Connectivity
    Stay online at all times, backed by 4G network connectivity, across the U.S. Canada, and Mexico.
  • Safety in Extreme Conditions
    Bad weather, sweltering heat, freezing cold, or water. Linxup hardware devices are built to withstand the elements.

GPS Trackers FAQs

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