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GPS Tracker for Vehicles

JBUS Plug-In GPS Tracker

Our plug-in device snaps right into place via the 9-pin JBus port, common in heavy-duty vehicles.  Simply plug it in, log into the Linxup software, and start tracking!

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Plug & play tracking solution for heavy-duty vehicles equipped with a J-Bus port.

  • Reports once a minute when vehicle is running
  • Reports once an hour when vehicle is shut off
  • View the current address of a vehicle
  • See the direction and speed the vehicle is currently traveling
Need a 6-pin cable instead?

Need a 6-pin cable instead?

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Special volume pricing is the right call for you. Get as many Linxup GPS trackers as you need to cover all of your vehicles, assets, and equipment at an affordable, reduced rate. Ask one of our experts about reduced rates for special volume pricing.