Fleets run better with GPS

Fleets run best with GPS + dash cam technology

Pairing video footage with GPS data protects businesses and improves safety and accountability.

Dash Cams + Integrated GPS = A winning solution for fleet businesses.

Benefits of fleet dash cam

The value of GPS for fleet-based businesses is clear. But what about dash cameras?

  • Increased visibility into driver behavior
  • 24/7 protection against theft
  • Evidence you need when accidents happen
  • Proof of service for customers
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So many ways dash cams can help protect your business

  • Incident management

    Exonerate drivers using video evidence. Use video clips to have false claims dismissed. Reduce insurance claim resolution times. Instantly share videos with adjusters and law enforcement.

  • Driver management

    Gain insights to identify and retain your best drivers. Gain the ability to spot check drivers to ensure policy adherence. Use videos with GPS data to coach drivers and mitigate risky behaviors.

  • Reduce liabilities

    Vew hazardous road conditions and change routes as needed. Get 24/7 protection with movement and broken glass detection. Lower insurance rates with proof of safer driving and lowered risk of theft.

  • Improve customer service and billing

    Show proof of service to customers with videos of work being completed. Capture images of areas of concern or opportunities for added services. Spot employees going above and beyond at job sites.

Don't take our word for it.

dashcam accident in progress

Benfield Sanitation was looking for something that would not only help with insurance claims, route tracking, and customer calls, but would also be able to provide a video component to see exactly what their drivers see when visiting a customer’s location. They needed a GPS tracking system that could also provide real-time tracking of their drivers and the history of their routes. Keeping an eye on driver speed and habits on the road has also been beneficial to managing the fleet. Read more >

Eyes on your fleet, and on the road, when you are anywhere else.

Dash cam video pedestrian accident

The advantages of using GPS technology are pretty clear: the added visibility into driver performance allows managers to optimize and improve fleet utilization.

  • Video evidence to exonerate drivers and reduce false claims
  • 24/7 theft prevention even when vehicles are parked
  • LED floodlights to deter break-ins when they happen
  • Get alerts on your desktop, mobile app, text message, and email
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Deeper dive: More about our dash cam

GPS technology changed everything about fleet management when it was introduced. Yet with all this data, there is still something missing. Why did that driver get a harsh braking alert? What was a crew doing during a half hour of idle time? Who was really at fault for that accident? Linxup’s fleet dash cams fill those gaps. Take a deeper dive into the benefits now.

fleet dash cam case study

Case Study

The power of pairing GPS and dash cams

gps fleet dashcam


Everything to know in 23 mins (and 10 seconds)

fleet dash camera specs

Spec Sheet

Find out what the dash cam can really do

Device Specifications

Install the Linxup dash cam in minutes
  • DIMENSIONS: 3.4”x2.4”x1.1”
  • WEIGHT: 3.8 oz.
  • SCREEN SIZE: 2.4"(diagonal)
  • SENSOR RESOLUTION: 4MP with 2μm pixel size
  • INTERIOR FACING CAMERA: Infrared 720p HD video
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"Very accurate, dependable and discreet tracker. Much better and more accurate than a similar device I purchased from Brickhouse security. The online tracking is very good, and features many alerts you can set up to be sent via email or text."
"I bought this to track my RC airplanes. The company contacted me about my concerns and took my suggestions to heart. Thank you Linxup for caring about your customers. I can now fly with ease knowing if my planes go down I can find them. I lost an RC plane due to a malfunction. I immediately saw where it went down, drove right to the plane and successfully recovered it. Love Linxup!"
"This mini gps tracker works like a charm. I purchased it to place in my briefcase that I use to travel great distances. I found it to be more accurate in placing my location than my phone in rural areas. Could easily be used for motorcycle GPS tracking, dog tracking, or to find anything really. It's very small and lite. The battery is lasts 14 days on one charge. I am so impressed that I would suggest it to anyone looking for a mini GPS tracker."
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