The NEW Linxup ATLT:

Long-Term GPS Asset Tracking Made Simple

With easy-to-replace batteries that last for 3 years, the Linxup ATLT Long-Term Asset Tracker device enables you to track and monitor any asset or equipment very easily and effectively.

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Linxup ATLT device

Linxup ATLT Device Features:

  • No installation required: Simply place and trace
  • Batteries last minimum 3 years before needing to be replaced
  • Rugged and weather-proof. Can withstand extreme high and low temperatures
  • Equipped with flash memory if device is ever out of signal range
  • Battery meter provides accurate reporting
  • Integrated accelerometer
  • Recovery mode
  • Access and manage GPS tracking insights with the highly rated Linxup platform
DIMENSIONS: 3" x 1.5" x 1"
WEIGHT: 3 ounces
CASE MATERIAL: IP67 water and dust-proof casing
BATTERY: 3 replaceable AA x Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) Batteries
LIFESPAN: Minimum 3 years between battery replacements
(-20°C to +60°C)
DATA NETWORK: 4G cellular
PINGS: Twice a day (can adjust to once a day to extend battery life), or every 10 minutes in recovery mode.

Easily locate and monitor your asset with Linxup

Log in to our web or mobile app to get insights into your equipment— wherever it is.

  • Still & idle location
  • Usage habits
  • Automatic notification with unauthorized movement
  • Set geofencing alerts
  • Maintenance event tracking
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Asset Tracking

Think Long Term

Track any equipment quickly and easily with our long-term battery-powered ATLT device. From containers to construction equipment, the device will operate for at least 3 years with AA LTC batteries (included with purchase). The ATLT is easy to attach and move to different assets with screws or magnets, making it a powerful and flexible choice for your tracking needs.

Discover more about how Linxup GPS tracking is beneficial to your business at an affordable price.

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On-Going Security

Know Where Your Assets Are At All Times - Even the Off Seasons

The ATLT tracking device pings twice a day, informing you about where your most valuable assets are for on-going security. To see where your equipment is at any given moment, simply check in the Linxup app on your smart device or via your computer to effectively monitor everything. ATLT devices are especially useful during slow-downs or off-season times for your business, and can easily be swapped with wired or solar ATs when you need more frequent reporting.

Linxup ATLT device

Find out why choosing Linxup is a smart, economical decision to protect your most valuable assets.

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Keep Tabs on Everything, Rain or Shine

Easily install the ATLT device by mounting it with screws or invest in our high-powered magnet accessories (sold separately) to secure your ATLT to the equipment that you own. The ATLT can track containers, trailers, construction equipment, and more to go everywhere that your assets go, monitoring everything in the process. The ATLT is built to last and weather-proof to withstand extreme high and low temperatures.

Linxup ATLT device

Explore how Linxup can help you monitor what's most important to your business.

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Recovery Mode

When You Need It, It's There

Turn on Recovery Mode to switch from pinging twice a day to every 10 minutes like our standard asset trackers. If off-season equipment is moving or missing, the ATLT is able to provide the location assistance you need to recover your valuable assets quickly and protect your investments.