Personal Tracking Device for Teenagers & Elderly Drivers

Linxup and MOTOsafety Give Parents Peace of Mind

MOTOsafety GPS tracking

MOTOsafety Keeps Drivers Safe

The freedom your loved ones want. The peace of mind you need about their safety.

motosafety teen driver tracking

Features That Encourage Safe Driving

We created MOTOsafety with the assistance of law enforcement and driver safety experts. MOTOsafety gives you the tools you need to coach your teen to better driving:

  • Get a daily driver’s report card
  • Monitor speeding, harsh braking and rapid starts
  • Know they've arrived safely
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MOTOsafety GPS tracking for senior drivers

Freedom With Dignity for Elderly Drivers

Do you have an aging parent or loved one who you’ve started to worry about behind the wheel?

MOTOsafety is a simple to use GPS tracking system that lets you monitor the location, driving habits, and well-being of an aging or elderly parent or family member.

MOTOsafety makes it easier to keep your loved ones mobile and independent with driving reports, instant locations, and after hours use alerts.

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Truly a genius concept. We have three people that already bought this for their kids after seeing ours, it's that compelling.
Brian DeAtonio