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Powerful GPS Tracking – at an Affordable Rate

Whether tracking a single sedan or fleet of heavy equipment, Linxup provides an easy-to-install, affordable solution. This is GPS tracking, made simple.

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  • ITFMA-Certified
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Top-Rated GPS Tracking Devices

Vehicle & Fleet GPS Trackers

Linxup Plug-in GPS Tracker device

Plug-in GPS Tracker

(OBD Port)

Ideal for all personal vehicles manufactured after 1996.

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Linxup Wire-In GPS Tracker device

Wire-in GPS Tracker

(No OBD Port)

Locked-in stability for a more permanent tracking solution.

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Asset & Equipment GPS Trackers

Linxup AT3 Asset GPS Tracker device

Long-Term GPS Tracker

Compact and versatile; ideal for quick transfers.

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Linxup AT3 Asset GPS Tracker device

AT3 Asset GPS Tracker

Compact and versatile; ideal for quick transfers.

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Linxup ATSolar Asset GPS Tracker device

ATSolar Asset GPS Tracker

Self-charging; ideal for critical non-powered assets in the field.

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Other Products

Linxup Mini GPS Tracker device

Mini GPS Tracker

3 inches long and 3.4 ounces, this is our most versatile GPS tracking option.

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Linxup Connected Car Camera

Dash Cam

Add to a vehicle tracker to see everything - whenever you need to see it.

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Linxup ELD solution - device and smartphone app

ELD Solution

Comply with Federal ELD mandates with our FMCSA-certified ELD solution.

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46,000+ Customers. Rave Reviews.

Peace of mind and great customer service always win rave reviews…

"GPS Tracker works like a charm. If you want to know what your drivers are doing and how they are driving this is the answer."
Hubert V.
"Best bang for the buck! We use these on ALL of our company vehicles, and I even use them on my personal vehicles to make sure I know where the teens are and how they are driving. Since they even track vehicle maintenance - it's a must-have."
"A very helpful and user friendly GPS tracking device. It provides several useful alerts (harsh braking, speeding and time stopped at location) just to name a few. I use it to monitor my business trucks. This has been a great investment for us. Very reasonable monitor rates and device cost. I would highly recommend it to anyone."
Sam I.
"First, very uncommon that I feel the need to write a product review. I spent a lot of time looking at reviews and landed on Linxup and I am so glad I did!"
Jeremy J.
"I LOVE IT! Bought a car for my 16-year-old twins and just felt a little weird about sending them out into the world without any supervision. I spent about 10 minutes setting up some geo-fences and text alerts and it is AWESOME!"
"Great price. Great product. Very Happy!"
Matthew K.
"Fantastic piece of hardware. I did some research and what stood out with Linxup for me was a few things: 1. No external power source needed. 2. Discreet. 3. Reasonable monthly costs with no long term contract commitments. 4. Mobile apps. 5. Reasonable upfront cost. 6. Excellent customer service. 7. Installation took less than 10 seconds."
I. Eldewek
"We love them. These little ditties allow us to track our trucks 24/7 in the event something happens. We also get a snapshot of how our equipment gets used or abused. For a fleet or just a parent who worries about their kids (all of us), these are valuable tools that we never knew we needed until we saw them."
D. Strayhorn

Why Trust Linxup For GPS Tracking?

Since 2004, we have been helping companies and individuals track the things that matter most to them. We support our customers with:

  • Affordable rates
  • Reliable, accurate, easy-to-install GPS tracking devices
  • Easy-to-use, customizable, interactive dashboard
  • 24/7 tech support by friendly, in-house experts
  • Same-day shipping

Serving Customers Like:

Track Anything that Moves. Literally.

Work vehicle? Fun-time vehicle? Worksite gear? Doesn’t matter. If it’s valuable to you, Linxup GPS trackers help you keep eyes on it. Protect your investments with real-time tracking and stellar customer support to keep your items in your possession.

Commercial Vehicles

Protect and oversee your most valuable assets: your drivers.

Private Vehicles

Stay on the road by knowing where your vehicle is at all times.


Keep tabs on your vessel, whether it's out to sea or in dry storage.


If it’s not off-road with you on it, your ATV should be exactly where you parked it.

Heavy Equipment

Know where every piece of equipment is across multiple job sites.

Towable Equipment

Never question leaving equipment onsite ever again.

Rental Equipment

Protect your rental fleet from theft or abuse.


Negate a double-loss of a stolen trailer with the valuable items inside.

Construction Equipment

Keep tabs on machines, tools, and equipment while you're away.

GPS Trackers FAQs

Do you have questions about how the GPS tracker magic happens?

No. The device has a built-in cellular SIM card and the service is included in the price of monthly Linxup fee.
Yes. Monthly fees are charged for each device in your account. Volume pricing available for large fleets. Click here to get a quote.
Linxup GPS trackers work in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and some parts of the Caribbean.
Your device is powered from your vehicle through the OBDII port, or wires, depending on if you have the plug-in or wired device.

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