GPS Tracker for
Construction Equipment

Managing Assets in the Field Has Never Been Easier.

Even if you have heavy equipment and construction assets stationed across numerous job sites, Linxup has you covered. Our affordable GPS tracking devices allow you to monitor your expensive machinery with the touch of a button. Protect your business and enjoy job site continuity with GPS tracking from Linxup.

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Construction Equipment

Track Every Construction Vehicle & Asset in Your Inventory

Our GPS trackers work with all types of construction and heavy equipment, including:

  • Bulldozers
  • Graders
  • Scrapers
  • Backhoes
  • Trenchers
  • Excavators
  • Cranes
  • Pavers
  • Mixers
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A Simple Solution for the Biggest Machinery

You already know the size of your construction and heavy equipment is matched by their big price tags. Protecting your most expensive assets is simple — and very affordable — with Linxup GPS trackers.

  • Easy-to-use, interactive dashboard and mobile apps to monitor equipment location, usage, and more
  • Powerful alerts and reporting on movement, activity, geo-fences, and more
  • Affordable hardware with low monthly payments
  • Easy installation
  • Works in remote and urban areas

Find the right Linxup tracker for your needs. It's an easy, affordable way to protect your heavy equipment and construction assets.

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Tracking with Linxup Drives Real Results

GPS tracking from Linxup does more than give you peace of mind. It boosts business efficiency, too. Here are some of the benefits our trackers deliver:

  • Solve billing disputes with documented equipment location
  • Eliminate yard check guesswork by seeing exactly where assets are
  • Keep equipment in use by creating maintenance schedules and reminders
  • Reduce idle times and decrease fuel consumption by up to 20%
  • Monitor start and finish times for employees
  • Guard against unauthorized use with after-hours alerts
  • Recover lost or stolen equipment by pinpointing location for authorities

46,000+ Customers. Rave Reviews.

See what our customers are saying about the peace of mind and helpful service they receive from Linxup.

"This product has saved me time on payroll, helped me keep insurance costs down, and, most of all, I always know where my equipment is."
Amazon Customer
"Use this to track our assets. I have used several other trackers. This is by far the easiest. App is great too. I highly recommend it. We use the hardwired devices and hide them in the assets."
Doug M.
"Love the service! Easy and such a help! Thank you Linxup!"
Monica S.
"I've been looking for GPS tracking devices for a while, and Linxup seems to hit the sweet spot on what I needed for the protection of my assets."
"I bought this asset tracker for my backhoe and it was a breeze to install. The instructions are super simple and it hides away really well. A few days after buying it, Linxup customer support called just to make sure I was satisfied. They taught me how to best use the tracker and everything. Even walked me through the web and mobile apps. It's money well spent."
Manuel C.

Let’s Get Tracking.

See for yourself how Linxup will protect your construction equipment and help your business save money. Try our free demo to experience the touch-screen simplicity, powerful insights, and speed of our GPS tracking system.

Keep your job site running smoothly by covering your construction and heavy equipment with Linxup GPS tracking. Find out how affordable it is to protect your all of your construction equipment and fleet.