Deliver Better Service

Improve Support & Increase Productivity

Linxup works on desktops and mobile devices
Linxup GPS tracking

Serve More Customers & Improve Service

Monitoring and improving customer service is difficult when employees are in the field all day. Linxup streamlines worker dispatch and reveals inefficiencies.

Linxup Plus GPS tracking dispatch

More Efficient Dispatch

With real-time GPS tracking, Linxup simplifies dispatch allowing you to serve more customers. You can:

  • Locate the closest vehicle to any service call and reduce response times.
  • Dispatch the most convenient vehicle by reviewing real-time traffic updates.
  • Monitor how long your workers are spending at customer locations (proactively identify problems).
linxup gps vehicle safety report

Improve Driver Behavior

With Linxup GPS tracking, you can identify inefficient or unsafe driver behavior and take steps to improve your customer service. Pinpoint areas of improvement such as:

  • Driver safety: Eliminate unsafe driver behavior including speeding, harsh braking and rapid acceleration.
  • Idling Time: Reduce wasted time and reach your customers quicker.
  • Routing: Determine the most efficient route to any location and provide accurate ETAs.