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Rate & Monitor Drivers

Improve Driver Safety & Reduce Your Liability

Rate & Monitor Drivers

Linxup GPS tracking

Using Linxup to monitor and rate driver performance makes it easy to improve your fleet’s performance. Linxup keeps you up to date with:

  • Daily rankings of each vehicle and performance from best to worst
  • Reports identifying speeding activity, stops, idling and more
  • A daily driver safety score and ranking for each vehicle
bluetooth driver assignment


Simplify Driver-to-Vehicle Assignments with Linxup’s Driver ID

Linxup's Driver ID solution simplifies the process of identifying the driver by effortlessly recording the current driver-to-vehicle assignment. The Bluetooth 5.0 fob, which lasts for 5 years, stays with the driver and automatically assigns the driver based on proximity to the vehicle tracker each time the ignition is turned on.

With Linxup’s Driver ID, you can:

  • Know who is driving at all times helping to prevent unauthorized use, enhance safety, and foster accountability.
  • Say goodbye to dash drilling, noisy fob readers, and app dependence.
  • Get an accurate hands-off driver assignment that is wireless and painless.

View Vehicle and Driving History

linxup gps route replay

Using Linxup’s intuitive Google Maps interface, you can review detailed driving history. You can:

  • Review each driver’s daily driving history with animated, interactive route replay
  • Break each day down into detailed trip segments
  • Review stops, alerts, and other key driving events
  • View street-level details to gain deeper insight

The Driver Safety Report Card

linxup gps vehicle safety report

The Linxup system monitors unsafe driving activity such as speeding, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration. Using this data, we generate a daily driver safety report card that provides:

  • A daily performance score and grade for each driver
  • A summary of key safe driving behaviors and alerts
  • A summary of key data such as stops, miles driven, and idling activity

Understanding your drivers’ performance is the first step to improving it.

Ensure Drivers Only Use Vehicles When Authorized

authorized hours

Linxup’s system gives you the ability to establish the times or days of the week when your drivers are allowed to use your vehicles. Reduce wear and tear and expensive fuel usage by:

  • Setting a schedule of authorized hours
  • Receiving real-time alerts when vehicles are in use outside your schedule
  • Replay the driving details for unauthorized use

Reduce Vehicle Idling and Save on Fuel Costs

Linxup GPS tracking idling report

Fuel expense is one of the most costly aspects of fleet management. By monitoring when and how much your vehicles are idling, Linxup can help you reduce fuel usage by as much as 20%. An instant savings. You can:

  • Set a maximum amount of time a vehicle can idle before you are alerted
  • Generate detailed reports showing which vehicles and drivers idle the most
  • Use the data to coach your drivers and reduce fuel usage