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Vehicle Maintenance Tracker & Scheduling Program

Track your vehicles with included maintenance reports and alerts

Track Vehicle Maintenance Schedules

linxup software maintenance tracking

Tired of using paper to track your timing for a vehicles’ scheduled maintenance? With Linxup's vehicle tracking software and our built-in maintenance management program, you can easily fulfill your company's maintenance policy with active monitoring and reporting for:

  • Oil changes
  • Tire rotations
  • Warranty expirations
  • License renewals
  • Preventative maintenance routines

Get Maintenance Reminders

Linxup GPS tracking maintenance reminder

Never miss a tune-up or fall behind on routine fleet maintenance again. With Linxup's built-in maintenance management program, you can:

  • Input service schedules and events for each vehicle in your fleet
  • Establish service schedules based on mileage, hours of usage or scheduled dates
  • Keep a record of all past service history for reports
  • Receive reminders for upcoming service events

Keep Track of All Maintenance and Other Recurring Events

track maintenance on other items

With Linxup, you can keep track of all of your maintenance activity and recurring events in one place, regardless if they are tracked or not. Add time-based reminders for all maintenance events, license renewals, training, and more without needing to use multiple programs and calendars.

  • Easily add untracked items within the maintenance module, which then appear in the selection list with tracked vehicles/assets.
  • Create recurring, time-based reminders or one-time maintenance events for anything that requires service or attention.
  • Add notes and track history on all vehicles, equipment, warranties, certifications, licenses, etc.