GPS Tracking for Newspapers

Verify Delivery and Distribution

Vehicle Tracking for Newspapers

Agilis Systems has a been a trusted partner in GPS tracking for newspaper clients such as Gannett and Tribune Publishing for years. Agilis is now offering Route Monitor for Linxup GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems.

  • Monitor activity of single copy, retail, and bulk drops
  • Attract new advertising and distribution clients
  • Document compliance with "do not devliver" lists
  • Distribute coupons, samples, door hangers, and more

Track Progress in Real-time

Route Monitor adds value for customers with real time tracking of each stop. There is no guesswork of speculation about when the driver visited a location.

  • Identify targeted areas for audits
  • Check progress and identify problems early
  • Make proactive decisions instead of putting out fires

Optimize Route Efficiency

The Job Time Analysis report gives you a detailed time report for each scheduled delivery.

  • See exactly how long it takes to complete a route
  • Redistribute work for efficiency

Visualize Route Efficiency

View each stop on the map to see how well-grouped your routes really are. Identify outliers and make changes so that each driver serves more customers for each mile driven.

  • Finish routes faster
  • Minimize jobs completed per driver
  • Improve fuel economy

A Strong Foundation for Carriers

Establish reliability as a distributer with Linxup Vehicle Tracking with Route Monitor.

  • Instill confidence and trust
  • Show market penetration
  • Give customers documentation of each scheduled stop

Learn more about vehicle tracking for newspapers with a free demo. Schedule a demo with your sales rep today.

Analyze Customer Data

View route times by customer, including average completion time. Understand the real cost of each recurring job.

  • Verify that you are billing customers correctly
  • Create estimates with greater accuracy
  • Forecast sales for budgeting and staffing needs

Evaluate Job Performance

The Job Time Analysis Report lets you see when each job was scheduled, whether it was completed, who it was assigned to, start and finish times, and the total time to complete.

  • Quickly audit jobs for quality assurance
  • Make sure scheduled visits are not missed
  • Compare completion times for different drivers on the same job
  • Reward your best performers
  • Filter by customer to evaluate accounts with multiple properties

Route Monitor gives you valuable information at an affordable rate that can be added onto any existing Linxup service. Call your Linxup sales rep today to learn more.

Optimize Scheduling & Time Tracking

GPS tracking makes planning and scheduling jobs and routes for each vehicle fast and easy by:

  • Monitoring Arrival & Departure Times
    See when employees start and finish jobs.
  • Tracking Actual Work Hours
    Only pay employees for the hours they work.
  • Keeping Your Crew On Schedule
    Reduce wasted time on the job and between locations so you can decrease your operating costs and reach more customers every day.

Plus, when you can quickly locate any crew, you can easily communicate important information such as vehicle locations and schedules with customers.

Learn more about vehicle tracking for newspapers with a free demo Schedule a demo