GPS Tracking for Universities & Campuses

Today's Campuses Juggle a Host of Vehicles - We Can Help

Tracking for Any Type of Vehicle

Despite their small geographic area, tracking vehicle usage on university and college campuses is a significant challenge. Campus fleets are diverse and responsible for a number of key campus activities like security, inter-building deliveries, and facilities maintenance. Linxup supports tracking for a variety of vehicles including:

  • Campus security vehicles
  • Facilities and maintenance vehicles
  • Shuttles
  • and More

Real-Time On Campus Location Tracking

With GPS tracking, campus fleet managers can quickly determine where any vehicle or technician is at any point during the day. Using our interactive Google Maps interface and dedicated mobile app

  • Dispatch the closest vehicle in the event of emergencies or other time-sensitive issues like utility failures or crimes in progress
  • Set geofences and create alerts to alert you if vehicles move off campus

Knowing where your vehicles are at any time allows you to quickly communicate this information to important third party groups such as outside police agencies or other contractors.