A Wide Variety of Uses for GPS Tracking

Businesses and Individuals Are Making Many Uses of Linxup GPS Tracking

Fleet Tracking

Companies with fleets large and small are using GPS tracking to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency. With Linxup GPS tracking, fleet managers can:

  • Track and monitor vehicles in real-time
  • Review driver activity visually on a map
  • Improve safety, increase efficiency and save

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Vehicle Tracking

With Linxup GPS tracking, individuals can gain a deeper understanding into the driving patterns of any vehicle.

Car Tracking Truck Tracking

Personal Tracking for Teens

Monitor your teen’s driving habits, even when you aren’t in the vehicle. See where they travel and receive alerts for unsafe behavior so you can teach your teen how to be a safe driver.

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GPS Asset & Equipment Trackers

Linxup lets you track valuable assets and equipment and monitor their use in the field. Track any asset including:

  • Powered and non-powered equipment
  • Trailers
  • Rental equipment, and more.
Trailers Rentals

Applications for Many Industries

Regardless of your industry, GPS fleet tracking gives you valuable insights, lets you pinpoint areas to improve efficiency, and reduces your operating costs. Learn more about GPS and various industries.

Chemicals Construction Emergency Services Food & Beverage Government HVAC Landscaping & Lawn Care Pest Control Plumbing Universities & Campuses Utilities, Cable & Telecom Towing Trucking

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