GPS Car Tracking

Linxup Tracking Devices Work On a Wide Variety of Cars and Automobiles

GPS Car Tracker

Car Tracking

Whether you're looking to track a single vehicle or a fleet of a 100 limousines driven by professionals, Linxup GPS car trackers let you improve driver safety and monitor real-time locations.

Visualize Routes & Driver Activity

With Linxup's intuitive Google Maps interface, you can get a bird's-eye view of locations and driver behavior. At a glance, you can:

  • View and playback daily routes for each vehicle, including real-time geofence alerts and notifications for unsafe or wasteful driver behavior
  • Ensure drivers are taking the most efficient routes between locations
  • See where drivers stop and how long they spend at different locations

Visualize Routes & Driver Activity
Track & Improve Driver Safety

Track & Improve Driver Safety

GPS trackers for cars markedly improve driver safety for both new and experienced drivers by monitoring safety over time using insights such as:

  • A daily performance score and overall safety grade for each driver
  • A safety ranking for all the cars in your fleet
  • Instant alerts for unsafe activities such as speeding, harsh braking or rapid acceleration

Real-time GPS car trackers also can quickly locate a driver in the event of an accident or breakdown and ensure quick recovery if your car is stolen.