GPS Tracking for Emergency Services

Linxup Helps Deliver Faster Response Times

Linxup GPS tracking
Linxup GPS tracking for emergency services

Vehicle Tracking for Emergency Services

Quick response times are critical for emergency vehicles of any kind, and the safety of your drivers and other drivers on the road is also a significant concern. Linxup's real-time GPS tracking lets emergency fleet managers understand how vehicles and drivers are behaving in the field. Today, we support groups including:

  • Police fleets
  • Ambulances and other emergency response vehicles
  • Fire trucks
vehicle gps tracking route playback

Respond Faster

Every second counts in an emergency. By understanding road conditions using live traffic updates and real-time location tracking, emergency fleet managers can:

  • Dispatch the closest vehicle and reach people in need as fast as possible
  • Easily identify who's onsite with clear visual indicators for emergency and non-emergency vehicles through our intuitive Google Maps dashboard
  • Determine the most efficient route and quickly easily reroute any vehicle if adverse traffic conditions arise
This device is amazing- it does exactly what you want it to do. You can track a vehicle to within 10 feet and use a google map interface to see where it is. The mobile app is also great.
L. Barr