GPS Tracking for Food & Beverage Companies

Ensure Adherence to Delivery Schedules & Improve Routing

Linxup GPS tracking
Linxup GPS tracking for deliveries

GPS Tracking for Food & Beverage

Fast and timely delivery is the cornerstone of the food and beverage industry. If transportation takes too long, food may perish or pass its sell-by date, and this means lost money for your company. Whether your fleet consists of a single pizza delivery vehicle or 100 refrigerated trucks, Linxup GPS can track any vehicle in the food and beverage industry including:

  • Restaurant delivery vehicles
  • Refrigerated vehicles
  • Food trucks, and more
Linxup GPS tracking

Deliver Better Service

Improving your food and beverage fleet’s efficiency is the first step to better customer service. Use our suite of powerful tools to:

  • Provide accurate ETAs for deliveries
  • Reach more people in less time by reducing wasted time and routing your vehicles more efficiently
vehicle gps tracking route playback

Get There Faster

Real-time GPS tracking makes it easy for food and beverage fleet managers to transport food safely and quickly. With Linxup vehicle tracking, you can minimize driving time so deliveries arrive faster and fresher. Plan more efficient routes using tools such as:

  • Route Replay
    Playback each vehicle’s route in real-time and see where routes can be improved.
  • Live Traffic Updates
    Quickly generate the quickest route to any location using real-time traffic reports and our interactive Google Maps interface.
  • Trip, Stops, & Idle Activity Reports
    Discover where your drivers are losing time in the field.
I purchased my first device approximately a week ago. Already saved me money. Stopped extended idle time on the vehicle, stopped speeding, talking to my insurance company to see if I can get a cost reduction because of monitoring drivers.