Easy & Affordable GPS Tracking For Realtors

Working in real estate requires a lot of time and effort when driving to different sites and showing houses. Easily keep track of fuel-tax reports for IFTA while also feeling safe when doing later open houses.

Linxup GPS tracking for realtors
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Automate Fuel-Tax Reporting

Do you need to keep track of mileage reports for tax expenses? For an additional $12 per month, Linxup’s IFTA add-on automatically collects mileage data while seamlessly integrating with your Linxup GPS tracking device. Approved by all US Departments of Transportation, our IFTA add-on:

  • Easily downloads Fuel & Mile Tax Summaries without having to figure calculate mileage manually
  • Calculates fuel-tax information for individual vehicles or an entire fleet
  • Allows you to view fuel gallons used, tax rates for each state, and amount of fuel tax due

Generate IFTA Reports in Seconds

The Linxup IFTA add-on module allows you to quickly access records at hand while giving you integrated tools that:

  • Display fuel-tax reporting data in miles or kilometers
  • Report on toll versus non-toll miles
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Feel Safe when Showing Homes

Linxup provides easy GPS tracking that allows you to track your location when you have home showings later on in the day or alone. You can even add additional users to your account so co-workers or family members will know where you are at all times.

  • Instant, real-time GPS tracking
  • Uses 4G cellular networks with great coverage and network longevity
  • Review each driver’s daily driving history with animated, interactive route replay
  • Review stops, alerts and other key driving events
It was as easy as point and click. We ordered 4 units which shipped promptly and arrived in good order. Activation was a snap and we are monitoring as we speak.
Mike D.