GPS Tracking for Tow Trucks

Get Trucks Onsite Fast & Efficiently

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Tow Truck GPS Tracking

For tow companies, quickly responding to an accident scene or a customer request can significantly impact profitability. Linxup's easy-to-use GPS tracking system is helping tow companies across the country to respond faster, improve driver performance, reduce fuel use and earn more.


Why GPS for Tow Trucks?

With minute-by-minute tracking while the vehicle is moving and hourly tracking when the vehicle is off, Linxup GPS’s tow truck trackers give you valuable insights into each truck's performance, including:

  • Unsafe Driving Behavior:
    Our Driver Safety Report card lets you evaluate the driving habits of your drivers and improve safe driving.
  • Route Replay:
    Review a vehicle’s travel history on our interactive map using visual indicators for stops, alerts, and other driving events.
  • Idling:
    Reduce fuel usage by up to 20% by monitoring how long your trucks idle using the Idle Activity report.


Maximize Your Fleet’s Performance

You can streamline your fleet's performance using the Linxup software on your PC or smartphone. Manage your trucks no matter where you are. You get:

  • Real-time Tracking:
    Determine the speed and direction of any vehicle, its current address, the state of its battery, and the time since its last GPS report in real-time.
  • Improved Dispatch:
    Quickly determine which vehicle is closest to the service call so you can reach more customers every day.
  • Live Traffic Updates:
    Provide accurate ETAs and dispatch the most convenient vehicle by viewing up-to-date information on current traffic conditions.