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Easy-to-Use. Powerful Features.

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The Linxup web-based fleet management software keeps you on top of your fleet in real time. Easy to use maps, insightful reports and tools like alerts and maintenance help you reduce costs and increase fleet efficiency.

Track Vehicle Locations
in Real-Time

Use our web and mobile software to view vehicle locations, directions, speed and more with once-a-minute tracking when in motion and once-an-hour when stopped.

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Rate & Monitor Drivers

Review safety scorecards, stack rankings for driver safety, and receive real-time alerts for unsafe driver behavior.

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Receive Alerts
& Detailed Reports

Gain insights into driver behavior through our suite of reports, and receive real-time alerts for events you want to monitor.

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Track Maintenance Schedules

Stay up to date on routine maintenance by setting up maintenance schedules and receiving reminders when maintenance is due.

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If you are required to comply with the FMCSA's new ELD rule, Linxup has a solution ready for you. Contact us today to learn about a package that adds the ELD solution you need to the Linxup service you want.

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Dispatch Jobs & Track Time
with LinxupPlus

Dispatch jobs right to your drivers’ smartphones and track job progress in real time using our LinxupPlus.

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Free Mobile Apps

The Linxup mobile app for iOS and Android makes it easy to manage your vehicles anytime, from anywhere. Now all the robust reports and data you find in your portal are right in the palm of your hand!

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