Linxup GPS: How It Works

Let's take a closer look at the science behind Global Positioning System technology. Find out how your Linxup GPS tracker covers you so precisely, wherever your travels take you.


GPS Technology in Action

GPS is powered by a worldwide radio navigation system made up of 24 satellites above the Earth, beaming signals to ground stations, which enables microwave signals to communicate with your GPS device and calculate your vehicle's speed, travel route, and more.

The latest Linxup devices operate on the 4G network. Learn more about devices functioning on 2G and 3G networks and what that means.

  • 1

    Connect a GPS receiver to a vehicle, asset, etc

  • 2

    A signal is transmitted back to the receiver at the speed of light.

  • 3

    The receiver calculates, in real-time, the distance between itself and the satellite.

  • 4

    If not in cell range, the device stores and forwards the data in full when the device gets back into cell range.

  • 5

    The receiver calculates, in real-time, the distance between itself and the satellite.

  • 6

    A readout is created showing distance or movement, coordinates, and speeding travel.

Linxup Makes
It Easy As 1-2-3.

Easy to install in a few seconds. Easy to start tracking with the user-friendly app. Easy to try for free with our no-obligation trial.

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  • Plug-In and Go
    Tracking vehicles manufactured after 1996? Just plug in the tracker to the OBII Port and activate your device.
  • Touchscreen Simplicity
    Monitor and track from the simple-to-use app on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.
  • Customized Monitoring
    Get real-time info on the app's dashboard to view location of vehicles, track maintenance information, generate safety reports, rate drivers, and more.
  • Get Alerts
    Receive safety alerts and detailed reports straight to your device. Want to print reports about behaviors and safety? You get that, too.

Accurate, Always.

With Linxup GPS tracking, you get pinpoint location awareness at all times. Whether it's turn-by-turn accuracy for a car driving down the road or the precise location of gear or equipment, Linxup GPS empowers you to keep track of what matters most to you.

Explore different devices for different needs and roles.

Find a GPS Tracker

Equipment/asset trackers transmit data at a different rate than vehicle trackers.

  • 4G Connectivity
    Stay connected at all times, backed by 4G network connectivity, across the U.S. Canada, and Mexico.
  • Good to Go in Extreme Conditions
    Your device is rugged enough to withstand all of the elements. From bad weather to sweltering heat and freezing cold.

GPS Trackers FAQs

Do you have questions about how the GPS tracker magic happens?

On most vehicles, no. The trackers use very little battery power from the vehicle. Some hybrid vehicles have reported issues when left parked for extended periods of time.
Extremely. The small black devices blend in beneath the dashboard. Wired trackers can be discreetly tucked inside.
Yes. Our cellular plans for vehicle trackers are $22.99/month.

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