GPS Tracking for Plumbing Companies

Improve Response Times, Eliminate Unsafe Driving & Earn More for Your Business

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Get Them There in a Hurry

Responding quickly to service calls is key when there's a plumbing emergency. Linxup delivers by showing the nearest truck to any customer, improving routing and dispatch, and helping plumbing companies reach more customers faster.

Improve Driver Performance & Save

Real-time GPS tracking allows you to improve your daily operations. Linxup's easy-to-use software on your desktop or mobile phone gives you immediate oversight of your fleet and tools to reduce costs and save. With Linxup you can::

  • Identify unsafe driving behaviors like speeding, idling, and harsh braking
  • Reduce fuel usage up to 20% by elimnating unneccessary idling
  • Reduce driving time by mapping better routes and dispatching the nearest vehicle
  • Improve vehicle maintenance and uptime with our maintenance schedules and alerts

Track Time to Improve Customer Service

Having a better understanding of when and where your workers are allows you to deliver deliver better customer service. Linxup GPS improves customer service by:

  • Tracking Time Spent on the Job
    See when your technicians arrive and when they depart from a specific location or service call
  • Improving Response Time
    Easily locate the nearest driver and provide more accurate ETAs using live traffic updates
  • Validating Working Hours
    Prove your technicians’ working hours if a customer disputes the amount of time spent on the job.