GPS Tracking for Delivery Trucks

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Your delivery business is defined by one thing: precision. Are you on time or not? Was the delivery late? Efficiency is a must, and Linxup is the right partner to boost your delivery business.

With Linxup GPS tracking, you can keep an eye on all of your deliveries at all times. Just plug a tracker into each vehicle then monitor deliveries, dispatch vehicles based on location, and reroute drivers from your smartphone or tablet.

Explore GPS trackers and pricing plans to help your delivery fleet reach a new level of proficiency.

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Multiple Deliveries, One Solution

Whatever your delivery business specialty, Linxup has you covered with GPS tracking for all of your vehicles, vans, trucks, trailers, equipment, and more.

From time-sensitive to cold storage, your delivery business can depend on an easy-to-use, affordable solution to help your delivery schedule run smoothly. If a delivery is taking too long, GPS trackers notify you of the delay. And during peak delivery hours, Linxup real-time location updates allow you to dispatch more efficiently and get the most out of every day.

We cover industries across the business spectrum:

  • Food & Beverage: Meet your customers' delivery schedules on time every day. We can help with cold chain monitoring and temperature sensors, too.
  • Parcels and Packages: If it has to be same-day or next-day, Linxup helps your drivers hit their target delivery times.
  • Newspapers: Monitor warehouse hand-offs, deliveries, drop-offs, and more with GPS tracking for your delivery fleet.

Solutions in the Field and the Home Office

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Linxup covers both your drivers and your support staff in the home office. Your entire business gets the help it needs to improve planning, highlight areas of improvement, and work to boost your bottom line.

Our solutions keep you informed up to the minute so that you are always ready to take action.

  • Get updates to your smart device when deliveries are completed.
  • View all vehicles in real-time at any time on your smart device.
  • Quickly and easily locate vehicles and assets on one screen, showing turn-by-turn accuracy.
  • Observe driver behavior, including areas that need improvement, like harsh braking, excessive idling, and unsafe habits.
  • Get updates on fuel usage and tips on ways to cut fuel costs.
  • Receive maintenance reminders to keep your vehicles running smoothly.
  • View real-time location tracking if a vehicle is unaccounted for or goes missing.
  • Use Linxup GPS trackers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and some parts of the Caribbean.

Equip your delivery vehicle fleet with GPS trackers from Linxup. View models now and pick a pricing plan that works for your business. Larger fleets are eligible for special volume pricing.

Delivering Results for Your Business

screenshots from Tow Truck Tracking software on mobile and desktop

GPS tracking for your delivery fleet is more than just finding the best route if an unexpected delay pops up. Partnering with Linxup goes beyond tracking by helping you streamline operations, keep customers informed, and improve safety.

  • More accurately predict delivery windows for waiting customers
  • Solve billing disputes with customers with time-stamped delivery reports
  • Prevent expensive mechanical breakdowns with maintenance alerts
  • Improve driver performance with detailed reports outlining unsafe habits and areas for improvement
  • Guard against theft by getting pinpoint location of missing vehicles to pass along to authorities

View GPS tracker models and pricing options to see how easy it is to cover your whole fleet of delivery vehicles.

46,000+ Customers. Rave Reviews.

Peace of mind and great customer service always win rave reviews…

"We use this device at work for our warehouse delivery/pickup driver. We can track the truck anywhere it goes and view a history, which is nice when the driver takes longer than normal to make their rounds. Have used it going on 2 years and haven't had any issues. The online map and tools on Linxup's website are really easy to use and simple to run. We highly recommend this device."
G. Hudgins
"Highly recommend. We run these on our delivery trucks, and it works great. We had a small issue, so we chatted with a guy on the web page, and he fixed the issue instantly with an update."
David C.
"I installed these on my company trucks and am able to now see what the guys are like when they are on the road. I'm able to monitor speeding and abusive operation at all times."
Amazon customer
"Product was so easy to install. Tech support was always available, friendly, and helpful. This product worked as advertised. Online software was easy to use. Reports were easy to save and print. They are constantly working to improve. Accurate real-time tracking for a very affordable price. I would HIGHLY recommend this product! Thank you."
Ken G.
"This device worked perfectly! I am still in awe that is was under $100. Installation was super easy, too. Definitely recommend it!"
Amazon customer

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