Reduce Fuel Usage & Idling

Powerful Tools to Reduce Fuel Usage and Save

GPS tracking fuel savings

Reduce Fuel Costs up to 20%

Excessive fuel use is a drag on your company's profits. Using Linxup's reports and dashboard, you can quickly pinpoint ways to reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption including:

  • Tracking the miles each vehicle travels
  • Identifying drivers with the highest rates of idling
  • Reducing rabbit starts and speeding (Reducing speed from 75 MPH to 65 MPH cuts fuel use by 20%)
  • Reducing driving distances by dispatching the nearest driver
Linxup GPS tracking

Cut Down on Idling

Your vehicles burn a gallon of gas for every 60 minutes of idling. With reports such as our Idle Activity Report, you can reduce idle times by reviewing data on each vehicle such as:

  • Total idle time
  • Average idle duration
  • Total idle alerts when a vehicle or asset idles for an extended period of time
  • A ranking of your worst idle offenders

Set a custom threshold for idle time, and get notified every time that threshold is passed. By monitoring and reducing inefficient driving, you save time and money.

Linxup GPS tracking with IFTA

Automate State Fuel Tax Reporting

Do you need to provide IFTA reporting to the Department of Transportation?

For an additional $12 per month, Linxup’s IFTA add-on automatically collects mileage data by integrating seamlessly with your Linxup GPS tracking device. Linxup’s IFTA add-on enables you to:

  • Easily complete a variety of reports, including Fuel & Mile Tax Summaries
  • Break your fuel-tax reporting down state-by-state
  • Display fuel-tax reporting data in miles
  • Generate reports and export to Excel