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Make Fewer Claims & Reduce Premiums by up to 30%

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Linxup GPS tracking insurance savings

Reduce your Insurance Premiums with Linxup GPS Tracking

Vehicle insurance doesn't need to be a major source of spending for fleet-based businesses. Fleet managers can reduce their premiums by insuring their vehicles under a single policy, and installing GPS tracking device in fleet vehicles can help reduce insurance premiums even further.

When fleet managers understand how their vehicles are used in the field and work with their drivers to improve their safety, they'll make fewer claims, and that means lower premiums.

GPS tracking devices like Linxup's have helped many fleets reduce their premiums up to 30% by monitoring vehicle usage and driver behavior as well as by improving fleet safety and efficiency.

Linxup GPS tracking prevent theft

Save up to 30% on your Fleet Insurance

GPS tracking can help lower your insurance premiums by:

  • Tracking mileage. Accurately calculate the number of miles driven each month by each vehicle in your fleet.
  • Encouraging and improving driver safety. Tools like alerts for unsafe behavior and safety report cards help fleet managers keep their drivers safe behind the wheel. Learn more about real-time alerts and driver safety report cards.
  • Monitoring driver behavior. Visualize daily routes for each driver in your fleet, and review where and when unsafe or wasteful behaviors like speeding and idling occur so you can improve your fleet's efficiency.
  • Making your fleet vehicles safer. Reduce downtime and prevent costly emergency repairs or unexpected breakdowns by automating your vehicle maintenance.
  • Preventing vehicle theft. Locate and track vehicles in real-time in the event of a theft, and receive instant alerts for unauthorized use.
Linxup GPS tracking insurance savings

Negotiating a Discount on your Insurance Premiums

Approaching your insurance agent to discuss a discount on your premium is easy when you can prove that your fleet is serious about safety.

Keep these tips in mind when you're negotiating your discount:

  • Have mileage information ready. Most insurance providers will be primarily concerned with your fleet's overall mileage. GPS tracking devices accurately calculate mileage for each vehicle and your entire fleet and make this information easily available to you at the touch of a button.
  • Explain your fleet's commitment to safety. Speak about any safety training programs you've instituted and describe how your organization encourages safe driver behavior.
  • Highlight the unique features of your Linxup tracking device. In addition to tracking mileage, Linxup GPS tracking devices offer additional safety features like safety report cards and alerts for unsafe behavior.
  • Offer your agent access to your fleet tracking software so they can review your fleet's behavior and vehicle usage first-hand. You can also set up alert summaries to be e-mailed to your agent daily.
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Start Saving on your Insurance Premiums

Fewer claims mean lower premiums. GPS tracking devices can help secure your fleet and improve your driver safety, which can in turn help you save up to 30% on your fleet insurance.

Learn more about how a Linxup tracking device can help you reduce your operating costs.