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Dispatch Jobs & Track Time

Empower Your Business with LinxupPlus

LinxupPlus Adds a Suite of New Tools to the Core Linxup System

Linxup Plus GPS tracking dispatch

Talk to your Linxup sales rep today about adding LinxupPlus to your new Linxup order or to existing service. Improve your field productivity by:

  • Managing and dispatching jobs using our dedicated LinxupPlus mobile app
  • Messaging individual drivers or broadcasting messages to your entire fleet
  • Accurately tracking and reporting actual time worked

Keep Drivers Engaged

Linxup plus gps tracking mobile dispatching

Significantly simplify the dispatch process, enabling you to save time and answer more service calls every day. LinxupPlus makes it easy to:

  • Dispatch jobs from the office or on the road using our dedicated mobile app.
  • Provide turn-by-turn directions.
  • Keep a history of all jobs assigned in one place
  • Monitor and track job progress
  • Get real-time confirmation that jobs are complete

Time Worked = Time Paid

linxup gps tracking software timesheets

LinxupPlus’s detailed time reporting capabilities give you the ability to tie GPS tracking data to your time cards and payroll. Using LinxupPlus’s built-in time reporting you can:

  • Supplement or replace your existing timecard system
  • Monitor and track job progress and receive real-time confirmation when jobs are completed
  • Report on teams and generate individual time cards
  • Pay workers for actual time spent on the job

Driver-ID and Reporting

linxup gps vehicle safety report

Driver’s changing vehicles frequently? No problem.

  • Track who’s driving each vehicle in real-time
  • Generate reports and gain driver-level insights
  • Spot problem drivers and coach to improved performance

Integrated Driver Messaging – Stop Searching

Linxup GPS tracking mobile message

Send real-time messages to your worker’s mobile app and reduce calls and searching data to your time cards and payroll. Using LinxupPlus’s built-in time reporting you can:

  • Message individual workers or groups of workers
  • Send broadcast messages to everyone on your team

Sensor/PTO Usage Tracking

Linxup plus GPS tracking PTO input sensor

Want to track usage of key vehicle components such as Power Take-Off (PTO). We’ve got you covered.

  • Monitor usage for PTO, tow arms, lift gates, and more