Route Monitor

Manage recurring routes and customers

GPS route tracker

Route Monitor

Add Route Monitor to your Linxup service for easy management of recurring routes and customers. Talk to your sales rep today and learn how to:

  • Improve route efficiency with visual mapping
  • Enhance customer service with real-time notifications
  • Invoice with 100% confidence the job was done on-time
  • GPS route tracker available on desktop and mobile Linxup app
GPS route progress

View Route Progress

See if your drivers are on track to complete routes on time. Discover routes that are difficult to finish and drivers who routinely finish early.

  • Monitor completion throughout the day
  • Identify problems early
  • Make adjustments as needed to ensure that work gets done
  • Redistribute work to increase productivity
GPS route efficiency

Visualize Route Efficiency

View each stop on the map to see how well-grouped your routes really are. Identify outliers and make changes so that each driver serves more customers for each mile driven.

  • Finish routes faster
  • Minimize jobs completed per driver
  • Improve fuel economy

Plus, when you can quickly locate any crew, you can easily communicate important information such as vehicle locations and schedules with customers.

GPS route tracker app

Improve Customer Communication

Send an automated email to each customer as soon as their service is completed.

  • Build credibility
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Reduce incoming calls
  • Resolve disputes quickly
  • Free staff time for more productive work
GPS customer data

Analyze Customer Data

View route times by customer, including average completion time. Understand the real cost of each recurring job.

  • Verify that you are billing customers correctly
  • Create estimates with greater accuracy
  • Forecast sales for budgeting and staffing needs
GPS job performance

Evaluate Job Performance

The Job Time Analysis Report lets you see when each job was scheduled, whether it was completed, who it was assigned to, start and finish times, and the total time to complete.

  • Quickly audit jobs for quality assurance
  • Make sure scheduled visits are not missed
  • Compare completion times for different drivers on the same job
  • Reward your best performers
  • Filter by customer to evaluate accounts with multiple properties

Route Monitor gives you valuable information at an affordable rate that can be added onto any existing Linxup service. Call your Linxup sales rep today to learn more.